Where to Get the Brother Scanner DS 620 Software Download and Alternatives

Despite their many eases of use once you actually figured it out, Brother is known to have a somewhat roundabout way of distributing their software and drivers especially for the DS-620. So, in an attempt to rectify this, here we’ll guide on how you can get the Brother scanner ds 620 software download, for both the scanner software and driver.

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Where to Download

To start the Brother scanner DS 620 software download, the only thing you have to do is to go to Brother’s official support website.

But to make your life easier, here is the direct link to the website.

If you’d like to look for drivers and manual of another product, make sure that the site you’re visiting is from Brother because otherwise there is a chance that the site might contain viruses or malware that will infect your computer.

But now that you’re on the right site, just choose your operating system and what version of operating system you’re on and just download away.

The Scanner Software

By default, after you done the Brother scanner DS 620 software download part, the scanner software should also already be included in there. So just install it, and then you should see DSMobileCapture appears as one of the installed software on your computer.

That DSMobileCapture will be the software you’re using when you want to scan your documents. 

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Manuals and FAQs

If you’re looking for manuals for troubleshooting or general guidance after doing the Brother scanner DS 620 software download part, go back to the site above and from the side menu choose Manuals. There you will be shown on what sorts of documents are available for you to download.

For the DS-620 specifically, you should see documents on general user’s guide, Button Manager guide, set-up guide, as well as other guides for the other features of the scanner.

If you’re looking for some FAQ for your troubleshooting needs, look to the sidemen again and choose ‘FAQs & Troubleshooting’ instead.

Alternative to DSMobileCapture

brother scanner ds 620 software download

If for whatever reason you don’t want or just don’t like using the DSMobileCapture that you got from Brother scanner DS 620 software download, you can use other scanner software available on the internet. 

We don’t quite encourage doing this because unless you know what you’re doing, you’re better off using the software that came with the driver instead.

But if you want to, you can use other scanning software such as Adobe Acrobat DC, PaperScan, ReadIris, and others. You can even go with open-source software such as the NAPS2 if you want to have more transparency for your scanner software.

But remember, only do this if you know what you’re doing.

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All in all, that’s quite everything we can say for this topic on Brother DS 620 software download. The internet is a wild west to navigate, especially if you’re not particularly tech savvy. So, we hope that this article can help you download the DS 620 scanner software safely without issue.

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Anyway, thank you for reading, we hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you all again next time.

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