What Is NFC Printer Meaning and Technology

Considering the era we live in right now, it’s not surprising to see many new technologies pop up left and right. It’s both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Now, NFC or Near Field Communication isn’t really anything new, but NFC printing definitely is which is why we’re covering everything you need to know about NFC printer meaning.

What is NFC (Near Field Communication) Printer?

The best way to understand NFC is by comparing it to Bluetooth. We’re all familiar with Bluetooth, right? It’s a wireless way of exchanging information.

NFC or Near Field Communication is essentially the same thing, the only difference is that it’s mostly used on real life objects such as electronic cards, subway tickets, and other real-life objects.

A lot of phones these days have NFC feature on them because one of its biggest advantages is the convenience of paying something just by swiping your phone against the other NFC device. No need to carry around credit cards everywhere. Just have your phone with you and you’re done.

NFC Printers and Printing

So, what exactly is NFC printer meaning? Well just like any other NFC devices that exist right now, it’s a way to print something through NFC. Why does this feature exist, you ask?

Just think of it like another rendition of AirPrint-like feature that exists in most printer these days. They’re there because they’re convenient.

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No need for cables everywhere and same thing with paying things using NFC, you don’t need your laptop anymore to print with. Any phones with NFC can now print wirelessly just by putting the phone in close proximity with the NFC enabled printer.

The Good and The Bad

What Is NFC Printer Meaning

After talking about NFC printer meaning, it seems apt for us talk about this particular subject. Just like with any technology in the world, there are good and bad sides of NFC printer.

First of all, NFC is definitely way more secure compared to wireless printing as the person that wants to print have to be in close proximity to the printer itself.

This usually isn’t really a concern if you’re just using your printer for your school or college assignments, but it definitely is a problem when you’re in a workspace with a lot of people. Someone can just go into your Wi-Fi network and start printing willy-nilly without permission.

Sure, there are precautions you can take, but they’re definitely a hassle to set up. Why bother with it if you can just use NFC, right?

That being said, this feature is also the bad thing with NFC. It requires you to be close to the device. So, you will have to walk up to your printer to print stuff from your phone. It’s definitely still less of a hassle though compared to traditional method of printing stuffs that requires multiple cables connected to your devices.

The Verdict

Now that both the explanation on NFC printer meaning and its good and bad are done, what is the takeaway from it?

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Overall, NFC printers are definitely convenient for everyone whether you’re only using your printer for menial tasks or if you’re a full-blown company that prints thousands of pages every day. The convenience of not needing a cable while still also providing enough security is something that we don’t see often.

So, if you have an NFC enabled printer, go ahead and give it a go. Anyway, that’s all for this NFC printer meaning article. We’ll see you later.

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