What HP Printers’ Cartridge Have Expiration Date on Them

If you’ve ever bought a standard inkjet printer before, then you must surely notice the expiration date that’s put on the sides of your printer’s cartridges. Most manufacturers of printers have these, including HP which we will be focusing today. After seeing this, the standard thing to ask would of course be do HP ink cartridges expire?

Why do they have expiration date on them? It’s not like they’re foods, right? Well, here are some answers to satisfy that curiosity.

Do Ink Cartridges Expire?

The answer to do hp ink cartridges expire is a bit debatable right now and the main reason manufacturers include these dates on your cartridges is to encourage you to use all of the ink on said cartridge before this date arrives.

This is due to the ink in your cartridge have the possibility of drying out that can result in a bunch of problem such as printhead clogging and other undesirable print quality issues.

But that being said, just like food expiration dates, HP ink cartridges’ expiration date should be taken with a grain of salt.

What Happens if It Expire?

After answering the question on do HP ink cartridges expire, the logical next step is to of course ask what happens when it actually expires. Strictly speaking, inks cannot expire, but they can dry out that can lead to other problems for you.

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But most of the time, it won’t come to this as long as you keep your ink cartridges in proper places as well as using it at least once a week to keep your ink cartridges primed and ready to go.

But using expired ink cartridges can result in your printheads becoming clogged up which of course is a thing you want to avoid because of pricey it can be to fix this.

Can I Keep Using Expired Ink Cartridges?

All that being said, most of the time you can still use your expired ink cartridges if you don’t want to buy a new one considering how expensive it is. Nothing catastrophic would happen to your printer as long as you take proper care of the cartridge.

And besides, expiration dates aren’t the only thing that decides the ink cartridges quality as there are many other factors for it such as the temperature and environment.

If you want to be on the safe side, most ink cartridges would ‘expire’ after at least two years, so if you’re antsy about the quality of your printers after then, feel free to replace them.


Now that we’ve gone over all of the questions related to ‘do HP ink cartridges expire?’, we can sufficiently draw a conclusion from it.

Most of the time, these expiration dates are put on your cartridges because the manufacturer wants you to replace them, in short, they want to make more money from you.

That being said, a really old ink cartridge can and will cause problems for your printer so these acts aren’t entirely unfounded as they can still benefit you.

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So, yes, HP ink cartridges, and any traditional inkjet printers’ cartridges do expire and you should definitely swap them out after two years for best results for your printing needs.

But you might be able to get away using them for a couple months more or so if you’ve been taking care of your cartridges.


That’s all for this article on do HP ink cartridges expire, thank you for reading and we’ll see you again next time.

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