Epson WF 7720dtwf Review: The Complete and Expensive Package

And here comes another review for yet another Epson printer. This time, we’ll be doing a review on one of their WorkForce MFP, specifically, we’ll be doing an Epson WF 7720dtwf review and see how it stands compared to other MFPs at its price range. Without further ado, let’s get started with the review!

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Design and Paper Handling

The WF 7220DTWF is a wide-format printer, so it’s not surprising to see that it takes a lot of space, especially width wise. But it also means that it has a ton of spaces to work with in terms of paper handling.

Case in point, the 7220DTWF sports two 250-sheet drawers up front and a single-sheet override tray at the back. The two drawers can be configured to hold A3 papers as well as other special papers the likes of premium photo paper.

Apart from its robust paper handling, the other thing we’d like to point out for this WF 7720dtwf review is its control panel. Gone are the days where you have to fumble around with small and obtuse control panel, the 7220dtwf now sports a much cleaner, neater and much easier to use control panel that’s just such a joy to use.


Not wanting to disappoint their consumer, Epson continues to excel when it comes to features for their WorkForce printer lineup. Which means it’d be a shame to not talk about it in this WF 7220dtwf review. 

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As it is, the 7220dtwf is one of the few MFPs out there that has one-click auto duplex through its ADF, NFC connectivity, Wi-Fi Direct, and even Epson Connect mobile apps suite that allows you to use Epson Email Print, Epson Remote Print, Epson iPrint and others.

Not only that, but it also has in-built support for Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print too that makes using it very easy and convenient.

Print Speed and Quality

Moving on to the next topic, the WF 7220dtwf prints an excellent black text, but it struggles a little bit with printing graphics or color as there are some banding noticeable if you were to look for it, but for most uses, it’s an acceptable printer.

Speed wise, it’s not really that impressive. Our tests clocked the WF 7720dtwf at around 15ppm or so, much lower than its claimed 18ppm on Epson’s website.

Ink Economy

And now to the last topic for this WF 7720dtwf review, let’s talk about its ink economy. In short, it sucks.

The WF 7720dtwf is hilariously expensive to run. Its CCP for black is at 3.2 cents and 11.4 cents for color. Just looking at this alone, it is easy to tell that the WF 7720dtwf is an expensive MFP to run.


WF 7720dtwf review

So, what is the verdict for this WF 7720dtwf review then?

Well, it is a good MFP. Very good in fact with every feature you could possibly think of and more. It prints at an acceptable rate with good blacks and some slightly subpar color, but it’s serviceable for 90% of us in the world.

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But it’s not one to recommend for us as it is expensive, both initial cost wise and running cost wise.

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And that’s everything we’re able to say for this WF 7720dtwf review. Thank you for reading, we’ll see you later.

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