Understanding What is an EcoTank Printer and Why It’s Important

As we all have unfortunately experienced, refilling cartridges are very expensive. It often times costs you double than what it originally was to refill a whole black cartridge so that you can finally actually print your photos. Thankfully, companies have developed solution as a response in the form of an EcoTank printer. Now, what is EcoTank printer you ask?

Well, let’s find out together.

What is EcoTank Printer

What is an EcoTank

The answer to what is EcoTank printer is actually pretty simple. To put it simply, it’s a printer that uses ink tanks that are directly connected to the printhead to draw inks to print what you want to print. This is different from most other printers that still uses ink cartridges that are as we all know, very expensive to refill.

These printers are known as supertank printers, and EcoTank, the topic that we’re covering today, is just the name of the brand that’s produced by Epson for their supertank printers.

As you can probably guess, there aren’t just one kind of supertank printer. For example, other than Epson’s EcoTank, Canon also launched a lineup of supertank printers named MegaTank in 2017.

Why EcoTank Printer

Now that we’ve sufficiently answered the question on what is EcoTank printer, let’s talk about the reason as to why they exist.

As we insinuated above, regular inkjet cartridge printers can be very expensive to refill. It’s not exaggerating to say that refilling colorful cartridges for you to be able to print a black and white document could’ve cost you around the same as buying a brand-new printer.

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EcoTank printers, and supertank printers in general solve this problem by drawing the ink from high-capacity ink-tanks that can be refilled through high capacity ink-bottles. This results in a significantly reduced CCP or cost-per-page because these replacement ink bottles most of the time contain enough ink to print thousands and thousands of papers.

Not only that, they’re also very cheap too with them being sold at around $20 on average in the market.

The Advantages

What is an EcoTank

So, after answering the question of what is ecotank printers and why they’re there, let’s talk about the advantages. As with any product, supertank and ecotank printers offers disadvantages and advantages to it buyers. But seeing as we’ve already touched on its main advantage that is being cheaper than traditional inkjet printers, let’s talk about its other advantages.

And that other advantage that EcoTank printer is that it produces a lot less waste

Traditional inkjet printers are seen very wasteful because we’re forced to throw away the empty cartridges instead of reusing them for the same purpose.

The ink bottles that used in these printers can be refilled indefinitely, so essentially, we can use the same bottles for the rest of the printer’s lifetime without needing to switch.

The Disadvantage

Now that we’ve covered everything from what is EcoTank printer as well as down to its advantages, the final topic is of course, the disadvantage.

The glaring disadvantage of supertank printers is that its initial cost is way more expensive than traditional inkjet printers, but seeing as we can save thousands of dollars this way, think of it as an investment if you find yourself printing tons and tons of pages every day.

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Anyway, that’s all that we can say for today’s article on EcoTank printers. Thank you for reading and we’ll see you next time.

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