The Expression Photo HD XP-15000: Is It the Best A3 Inkjet Printer for Graphic Design?

It’s often times very hard to know what is the best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design in these days and age because despite having lots of options to choose from, most of them are hilariously expensive, and unless you’re already an established artist, it can definitely be hard to get your business up and running.

So, here we are with the Photo XD XP-15000, a high-quality A3 inkjet printer that’s still affordable for most people.

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best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design

The HD XP-15000 is designed to be a successor to Epson’s Artisan 1430, which means it will of course be better compared to it. Size wise, this stays true with the XP-15000 being twice the leaner compared to its predecessor.

It has two inputs sources; first is the regular 200-sheet paper cassette and the second is the 50-sheet feeder that’s used primarily for wide-format papers such as the A3 that you’re going to be using.

Print Quality

For it to warrant even be nominated as the best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design, the print quality of the XP-15000 must be exceptional.

And fortunately, this is true. It’s partly due to the ink that it uses, the Epson Claria Ultra HD. Print outputs from this printer come out exceptionally well with vibrant color. The photos from this printer are of course exceptional too as expected of an inkjet printer designed to print photos.

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Borderless 13×19 looks amazing, comparable to the likes of super professional SureColor printers with their 12-inks system.


To achieve this kind of print quality to be called to be one of the best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design surely requires some sacrifice in some departments.

For the XP-15000 one of them unfortunately reside in the upkeep cost. As you can already expect, refilling the 6-ink inks used to print wide-format pages is quite expensive. It’s not as bad as other printers, but it’s definitely not a front-runner compared to the ET-7750.


Apart from the upkeep cost, the thing that XP-15000 doesn’t do so well at is the speed. While it does print beautiful pages, it is quite slow at it. Even monochrome pages take more time than the average inkjet printers.

In detail, the XP-15000 scored a 9.2ppm for monochrome pages which definitely isn’t good. Thankfully it picks up its pace a little bit for the thing that it was designed for, photo printing.


best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design

So, is it fair to call Epson XP-15000 the best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design? Absolutely. It’s no speed demon nor pocket angel with its upkeep, but it prints gorgeously detailed and vibrant photos which is very important if you’re using it for graphic design.

Each and every photo we have tried to print on this thing are again, some of the most gorgeous prints we ever did, and they came from a $350 printer.

Of course, it will lose out against some of the most heavy-duty photo-centric printers out there, but as an aspiring artist needing a photo printer, the XP-15000 won’t disappoint you.

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All in all, that’s everything we can say for this article on the best A3 inkjet printer for graphic design. We hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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