The 3 Best AirPrint Multifunction Laser Printer You Could Get

Laser printers have of course been the preferred printer types due to their excellent print jobs and now with AirPrint becoming more and more prevalent in printers in these days and age, it’s not surprising to have trouble finding the best AirPrint multifunction laser printer.

So, in today’s article, we’ll be going over the three that we think deserves the spot to be called the best AirPrint multifunction laser printer.

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Brother MFCL3770CDW

AirPrint multifunction laser printer

Starting out with the first one, Brother has got your back covered when you need an excellent multifunction laser printer that with tons of features and excellent printing quality.

From the three printers in this list, this is the only one that supports both duplex printing, copying, AND scanning, making it an excellent value if you appreciate three of those things in your workflow.

It’s a bit expensive compared to the rest of this list, but for what you get out of it, we’d say that it’s absolutely worth it.

HP LaserJet Pro MFP M29W

Compared to the heavy-duty AirPrint multifunction laser printer that is Brother MFCL3700CDW, this next entry in this list is the smaller, more compact multifunction laser printer that still offers a ton of features for its price and size.

It’s ridiculously small, has decent printing, copying, and scanning qualities, fast at what it does, and it’s easy to use with the HP Smart App.

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All of these things combined results in a very relaxing and easy experience of using this little machine. Oh, and also, it’s fast at what it does too.

So, if you’re looking for a small and cheap AirPrint multifunction laser printer that’s also packing a lot of punch, look no further than the HP LaserJet Pro MFP M29W.

Brother HLL2390DW

AirPrint multifunction laser printer

Continuing where we left off with small but mighty AIO printers, here comes Brother HLL2390DW.

Out of the two we’ve listed so far; this one definitely takes the cake when it comes to speed. Compared to the MFC that scored 25ppm and LaserJet’s 19ppm, HL2390DW knocks it out of the park with its 32ppm score. 

But not only is it blazingly fast at what it does, it also got decent quality to boot. Both for printing, and scanning. It’s copy quality is a little bit meh, but it’s a small price to pay considering how packed this little guy is.

Overall, the HL2390DW is the perfect guy for the job if you need something that’s small and quick while also offering other convenience features such as wireless printing and others. It’s sold at around $149,99 too, so it’s also good for people with not much budget for printers.

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Overall, that’s all that we can say for this article on the 3 best AirPrint multifunction laser printer in the market. Technologies have gone even more and more convenient in these days and age, and we’re all incredible glad to have products such as these three above to help making office work less time-intensive and less of hassle.

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Anyway, that’s all for today, thank you for taking your time to read this article, we’ll see you all again next time.

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