HP OfficeJet 8035 Review: Is It Worth It?

We have done many reviews for HP printers, especially for their HP OfficeJet lineup. Surprisingly though, there are still some OfficeJet printers that we haven’t gotten the chance to review yet. One of those is the 8035. So, here is the HP OfficeJet 8035 review in which we’ll see whether it’s worth your money or not. 

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Similar with its predecessor, the OfficeJet 8035 is meant for small to medium office uses which means it is quite similar in stature with its predecessor, if only a little bigger. 

And continuing that, the OfficeJet 8035 also has similar paper handling. Its one input tray can hold up to 225 sheets of paper, but unlike the 8025, it’s ADF supports auto duplexing now. This new ADF can hold up to 35 sheets of paper and is the main reason it is slightly larger compared to the 8025.


As great as a printer the 8025 was, it can’t be denied that it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of features. HP then decided to fix this issue with this OfficeJet 8035.

Now, the OfficeJet 8035 has full support for auto duplex, a dominant feature that was missing from the 8025.

Not only that, one of its biggest selling points for this OfficeJet 8035 review is that it also has self-healing Wi-Fi which is very useful to have as more often than not, printers have crappy connections that always get disconnected one way or another.

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It also supports HP Smart Tasks app too, which is useful for helping users manage their files in a clutter-free environment. Saving yourself from the stress that’s inevitable with printing stuff regularly.

Print Speed

The 8025 is known for its excellent speed when printing, and the OfficeJet 8035 decided to continue that trend.

For its price, it’s able to score an impressive 25ppm for mono and 11ppm for color. It’s not that big of an improvement compared to its predecessor, but we’ll take any improvement we can.

Print Quality

As for print quality, it is what you’d expect from a ~$200 printer. It is good but nothing exceptional. You won’t get print quality on the level of high-end printers, but as far as home office printers go, it’s more than serviceable.

Ink Economy

And here comes the best part for this HP OfficeJEt 8035 review

Surprisingly despite being an inkjet printer, the 8035 has excellent ink economy. Even better than the 8025, in fact.

This is due to it using one of the highest yielding ink sets from HP that is the 910. Not only that, but you also get a free 6-months subscription for HP’s Instant Ink program, boosting this thing’s ink economy even more.


OfficeJet 8035 review

So, what is the conclusion for this HP OfficeJet 8035 review?

It’s an excellent printer. We’d recommend you to get this one instead of the 8025. Yes, it performs similarly to the 8025 in many areas, but you get more from this with its auto-duplex capability and much better ink economy.

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There is almost no reason you’d be able to justify buying the 8025 instead of the 8035 unless you just don’t care about its auto-duplexing.

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And that’s all for now for this OfficeJet 8035 review. We hope you find it useful and we’ll see you next time. Goodbye!

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