5 Money Saving Tips to Help You Make Better Decisions

Money Saving Tips — Saving money is definitely one of the hardest things to do for us young adults and adults in general with the instant gratification that online shopping often brought us. But, while it’s definitely satisfying, it’s not necessarily healthy or good either.

So, hopefully these money saving tips can help us make better decisions with our money.

Now, before we get started with the money saving tips, we’re not a financial advisor by any means, so take everything we say with a grain of salt, and it’s also why everything in this list is something that’s more general.

If you’re looking for more specific tips like online saving tips, check out our Tips to Save Money Online article.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the money saving tips to help you make better decisions!

Try Not To Have Too Much Subscription

We feel like everyone has this struggle of having too much subscription services, because hey who can’t blame them, the services offered are legitimately really good.

Things like Spotify, Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, all of them have subscriptions, and by us being subscribed to them, it has made our lives a lot easier.

But, try not to have too much subscription going at once, if you feel like you can’t live without Netflix subscription for a couple of months or so,

then try canceling the subscription to your other services that you don’t use quite often.

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For the Netflix example, you’re probably not watching too much YouTube anyway.

So, there’s no need to be subscribed to YouTube Premium if you’re not using it all that much.

It’s honestly such a simple advice, but the effect it gives is tremendous because subscription fees pile up into a massive bill at the end of the month if you’re not careful with it.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Brands

Money Saving Tips

Yes, we get it, brands are cool, it makes you look cooler, it helps you impress more people. But, if you don’t ACTUALLY need it, stop buying it. Things that are on brand are often egregiously expensive for what they are.

Instead of using Balenciaga shoes that costs hundreds of dollars, you can just buy some shoes at Macy’s or JC Penny and be done with it.

Sure, they’re not as sexy or fancy, but they serve the same purpose. And it’s not like people are looking at your feet the whole time either. And as long as they serve their purpose, they’re useful, and you save tons of bucks from buying them.

Stop Using Cables for your TV

The next money saving tips

The next money saving tips in line has something to do with cables.

We told you to cut down on subscriptions earlier, and while that still holds true, there’s no reason for you to keep using cables for your TV either.

It’s not a secret anymore that cables’ pricing is going up way more than what you would’ve expected.

And it’s not like the shows there are THAT worth watching anyway for the price they charge you for.

It’s an average of $120 a month, and for a year, it can add up to $1,200 a year which is ridiculous for a service you don’t use that often.

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So, just ditch it and go with your subscription services like Netflix or YouTube Premium while also keeping in mind the first tip in this money saving tips article. You’re sure to save tons and tons of money from it.

Have your Own Food

Own Food for money saving tips

If you have the time to pack lunch for your work, definitely do so, because the price that you spend on eating outside adds up ridiculously high. Especially if your favorite restaurant is just a walk down the office, or if your favorite fast-food

chain is just 5 minutes away from you.

Packing lunch is not only healthy for your well-being, it’s also healthy to your wallet, too.

As a matter of fact, you probably could’ve spent a two-week worth of groceries for the same prices as two dinner meals out. That’s efficiency right there, and by eating at home you’ll also train your skills to become a better chef in the kitchen.

Objectively speaking, out of these money saving tips we’ve listed out above, this one is the most useful one for us.

You get to eat healthy foods, you know what’s in your food, you save more money from not going out for every dinner, and you become good at cooking, what’s there not to love?

Stop Subscribing to Emails

Stop Subscribing to Emails for Saving Money

Continuing with the money saving tips list, sales marketer are marketers for a reason, they know how to get into their customers’ brain to make it more likely for you to buy their products.

Those flashy GIFs and pretty design in your email subscriptions are a form of those, and if you can’t resist it for most of the time you see those emails, then acknowledge that there’s a problem with it, and continue to unsubscribe from their mailing list.

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That way, you’re not spending tons and tons of money on their “great deals” every time a new product launches out.

Now don’t get us wrong, trying new things are great for your growth and everything else, but keep it to a moderation.

There’s no need to go on a spending spree just because of some attractive emails in your mailbox.

So, if you’re one of those people who can’t resist their offers, try applying this money saving tips.

And that’s it. Whew. That went down pretty quickly.

So, that’s all we can for today’s article for Money Saving Tips that you can at the very least know about to help you make better decisions. We’ve mentioned this already above, but we’re not a financial advisor, so please do take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

It’s also the reason why we’re not touching on investment stuffs because honestly, that’s not our area of expertise at all.

That being said, what is our area of expertise is saving money online, and if our previous article didn’t convey that enough to you, this next article on Apps to Save Money Online probably will.

There’s a lot of tools out there for you to use, but you might not be aware of it in the first place. Thank you for reading this money saving tips article, we hope you find it useful; we’ll see you next time!

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