Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn Review: Is It Worth It?

Continuing in line with our reviews recently, here we have another product from Kyocera, the seldom known printer manufacturer that makes just as good of a product as other manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, Brother, and others. Anyway, without further ado, here is the Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn review.

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Kyocera’s main market for this ECOSYS of theirs is definitely medium sized business, as such this particular thing shows in its design. The P7240cdn is large, almost like a tower, and looks all professional and business-like.

Dimensions wise, it’s sized at 15.4”x21”x18.5” WDH, and with its size, it has a single 500-sheet tray as well as another 100-sheet MPT. 

As you can see for yourself, its paper handling is average. Nothing too extraordinary but one that is definitely enough for small to medium sized businesses.


As it is designed for busy medium sized business in mind, it’d be remiss to not talk about its strongest feature in this Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn review.

The P7240 is a speed demon. From our tests, it was able to hold up its claim of 42ppm color and mono and sometimes even surpass those numbers, managing to score around 44ppm in our tests.

Of course, everyone’s use cases will be slightly different compared to ours, but considering how consistent it is at keeping its speed intact, you can put your trust in this laser printer to print your documents fast when you need it to.

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Being a single-function printer, there aren’t really a lot of features that the P7240cdn offers as you’d expect. It has an LCD with a control panel that you can use to navigate it, but apart from that it’s quite barebone.

Though, you can upgrade this to have an optional data security kit as well as Wi-Fi direct capability if you so choose, but from the base model, the P7240cdn is as narrow focused as it is. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing however because it segues nicely into our next topic, its usability.


Being a very focused printer, using the P7240cdn is indeed very easy. Drivers are always available at Kyocera’s website, and installing them only takes like 5 minutes or so. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles with this thing so you can get it up and running almost as soon as you take it out of the box.

This changes a little bit when you’re introducing additional features like the security options and Wi-Fi direct we mentioned earlier, but even then it’s still easy to do.

Ink Economy

And last but not least for this Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn review, let’s talk about its ink economy.

The P7240cdn’s ink economy is exactly as you’d expect from a color laser printer. It is expensive, slightly more so compared to other printers. But thankfully it’s nowhere near as bad as some printers out there so that’s a silver lining at least.


Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn review

And to conclude this Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn review once and for all, let’s draw a conclusion. 

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The P7240cdn is a good printer, it is good at what it does, printing decent pages at blazing fast speed. But as this is such a niche market in terms of printing, we can’t quite recommend it to everyone.

But if you do want these things that the P7240cdn offers, then it is a good bang for your buck.

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And that’s everything we can say for this Kyocera ECOSYS P7240cdn review, we hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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