iPad Printer App Canon Pixma With Selphy

We think we can all agree that Canon is the gold-standard when it comes to reliability in printing. They’ve been in the market for so long now that their printers have become everyone’s first choice when it comes to printing and now, the existence of iPad Printer App Canon Pixma serves as a reinforcement to this feeling

But what is it that makes this iPad Printer App Canon Pixma so great? Well, here are some.


As we all have unfortunately come to terms with, most printing apps are garbage at doing what they’re supposed to do. Even ones that are made by the same manufacturer. This thankfully isn’t this case for Canon Pixma App for iPad that you can find in the AppStore.

We’ve tested it ourselves, and everything in there works as they’re supposed to work. There are no overly complicated manuals, no filling forms here and there before you can actually do anything, it’s just connect to your printer and go.

This is one of the biggest factors that makes this iPad printer app Canon Pixma so beloved in the community.


Other than the fact that it just works as its supposed to, Canon decides to step it up a noch with their iPad Printer App Canon Pixma to extend the functionality it already has with AirPrint.

Other than the feature we’ve come to love with AirPrint, Canon’s app offers more customizability and flexibility when it comes to printing settings. You can decide its magnification, copy intensity, print quality, paper sizes, and more.

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The copy feature has also gotten very much improved because now you can adjust your copy settings through your iPad if the printer you’ve got doesn’t have an LCD screen you can use to adjust it.

Your Printer at A Glance

The last and perhaps the most underrated feature of this iPad printer app Canon Pixma is the ability to know exactly what’s going on with your printer at the moment. Within the app, you can see your printer’s ink levels, ink model number, online manuals for your printer, as well as the ability to reorder ink for that specific ink model number.

This is very convenience because ink cartridges are very annoying with their limited compatibility and it’s often we find ourselves buying a cartridge that say is compatible with this model but turns out being incompatible, resulting in a waste of money and a useless ink cartridge.

But with this feature, you know exactly what you need to buy and where to buy them without the need of second-guessing yourself on whether this ink is compatible with yours or not. It also helps that you don’t need to read through 60-pages long manual just to find your ink model number.

Get and Download Ipad Printer App Canon Pixma

To get this app for your iPad, just go to your AppStore and search for Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy and it should be the first result.

Get On AppStore

And with that ends our article for today on iPad Printer app Canon Pixma. It’s a massively useful application with tons of features in there that actually work, so thumbs up to Canon for making it. That said, we hope that other print manufacturers would step up their game to actually functionalize their mobile app companions.

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Because as they are right now, they’re all buggy as heck and a pain in the butt to use.

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