Inkjet Printer : Advantages and Disadvantages

Over the years, printers have become an irreplaceable part of our life just because of the demand of work that we have to do on a daily basis. Since then, printing has evolved from the traditional dot matrix into the supertank printers. One of those evolutions is inkjet printer, and today we’ll be talking about inkjet printer advantages and disadvantages.

Because after the release of supertank printers, most people would recommend getting them instead of an inkjet printer. But as with any product, inkjet printer advantages and disadvantages do exist to help them stand out more in the printer market even against supertank printers.

The Advantages Of Inkjet Printer

1. Initial Cost

The biggest inkjet printer strength over other printers such as supertank printers is definitely the cost.

Compared to the initial cost of buying a supertank printers the likes of EcoTank or MegaTank, you’ll be finding yourself spending a lot less when you settle for an inkjet printer instead.

We’re talking about over $100 difference in cost for most inkjet printers against supertank printers.

This alone of course makes it very worth to buy if you’re not going to be printing that much to warrant multiple refills of your ink cartridge.

2. Printing Quality

The advantage that you definitely get on inkjet printer despite it’s cheap cost is the quality. Most of inkjet printers, even the very cheap one has very good printing quality with clear and pigmented images and text.

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This is also the reason as to why inkjet printers are the preferred printers for high resolution photo printing because they provide such clear and detailed results for how cheap they are.

3. Size

The other factor that makes inkjet printers stand out from the crowd is its size. The supertank printers we mentioned earlier takes up a lot of space because of how massive the ink tank in those things are which of course makes it a huge problem if you don’t have much space to work with.

But inkjet printers are often times small and compact. You can put them anywhere and they’ll settle there happily. You don’t need to dedicate an entire table for them just to start printing.

4. Portable

As a result from inkjet printers being naturally compact and takes little space in your workdesk, inkjet printers are also very portable. Most of them are plug and play.

There’re no complex manuals to read, no scouring the internet for drivers to download, you just plug your printer into your laptop and you can start printing.

Disadvantages of Inkjet Printer

Inkjet Printer

Now that we’ve talked about its advantages, let’s talk about it’s disadvantages next in this inkjet printer advantages and disadvantages article.

The glaring weakness that inkjet printers have is definitely the upkeep cost. Yes, it’s got a very cheap initial cost that makes it ideal if you don’t need to print that much with it, but as soon as you get to printing a hundred pages a day, you’ll find yourself running out of ink very quickly.

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And refilling these ink cartridges are very expensive, resulting in them being a poor choice of investment when it comes to long-term high-volume printing.

If you’re finding yourself printing a lot of things each day, you’re better of with supertank printers instead.


Anyway, that’s all that we can say for inkjet printer advantages and disadvantages. They definitely do have some ups, but they also have some downs that’s very apparent in them. At the end of the day, the decision rests on you to know what kind of printer you’ll be needing.

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