HP Smart Tank 455 Printer Review: Is It Good?

Gone are the days where we have to pay twice the cost of the printer to refill the inks. Nowadays is the age of supertank printers with their attractive ink economy prices. Of course, there are a lot of supertank printers in the market choose from such as Epson’s EcoTank, but today, we’ll be doing a HP Smart Tank 455 Printer Review.

And see whether it can hold a candle against its main competitor, the EcoTank lineup.

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Printing and Scanning Speed

If what you’re looking for in printer is speed, then the Smart Tank 455 is not the right choice for you. It prints at an acceptable 15ppm for mono pages, but colored pages take forever to print. It scores at 8ppm which is below average for a printer of this price.

This is true for scanning too. Compared to other printers at its price range, it is definitely one of the slowest so if you value high speed in your print or scan jobs, look away from the Smart Tank 455.

Print Quality

As expected of HP, the print quality on this neat little machine for this HP Smart Tank 455 printer review is above average.

Yes, it is slow, but the 455 handles both regular papers and glossy papers exceptionally well and every page comes out crisp and detailed for mono and vibrant for color pages.

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The main selling point of a supertank printer is that they’re not expensive to run, and the Smart Tank 455 is definitely not expensive to run. It is a bit pricey in terms of initial cost, but you will definitely save more than double of your initial purchase cost to keep this thing running compared to traditional cartridge printers.


Just like Epson, HP is exceptional at handling connectivity and features with their many different software. As such, it feels like a shame to not talk about it in this HP Smart Tank 455 printer review.

Being a modern supertank printer, the Smart Tank 455 is fully compatible with Wi-Fi and other modern services such as Apple’s AirPrint or Google Cloud Print.

It’s also completely integrated with HP Smart app that you can get on your phone to control your printer. It works well and it’s just a delight overall to use.

If you appreciate convenience features that HP often brings with their printers, the Smart Tank 455 won’t let you down in this department.


HP Smart Tank 455 Printer Review

Finally, let’s talk about the verdict for this HP Smart Tank 455 printer review. Can it hold up against its main competitor, the EcoTank series from Epson?

Yes, it definitely can. It is not the fastest printer or scanner in the world, but that’s really its only downside. It has hilariously large print capacity just like any other supertank printer, and it prints above averagely too despite being one.

And if you enjoy all of the features and conveniences that HP Smart brings to your printer, the HP Smart Tank 455 is an excellent bang for your buck. Just keep in mind that it has no duplexing for neither scan nor print jobs. 

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All in all, that’s everything we can say for this HP Smart Tank 455 printer review. Thank you for reading, we’ll see you next time.

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