HP Scanjet 8270 Scanner Specs: Everything You Need to Know

Scanners are always a tricky thing to deal with since they’re not as common as printers for a peripheral. Due to this, it’s always hard to find the specification for certain scanner products on the internet. So, in an attempt to help you out with that, here’s a HP ScanJet 8270 scanner specs sheet and everything you need to know about it.

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The HP Scanjet 8270 is a flatbed scanner with transparent materials adapter or TMA. It weighs at 2.79 kg or 6.2 pounds. Just from its dimension and weight spec alone, the HP Scanjet 8270 is quite bulky, making it unable to fit in most desk spaces. 


Moving on to the next part for this HP Scanjet 8270 scanner spec article, the Scanjet 8270 is quite fast at scanning documents with its ADF feeder.

It’s claimed to be able to scan at 25ppm, making it a good scanner if you need to scan a lot of pages every day.

But speaking of ADF though, its ADF is 584 x 318 x 89mm in terms of dimension and weights for about 2.7 kilograms. It can scan up to 600dpi and can handle at most 50-sheet of papers.

It’s not a wide format ADF also, by the way. In fact, its largest paper size you can go with is A5 or 8.5”x14”. So, if you find yourself scanning A4 or higher documents, you’re out of luck with this machine.

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System Requirements

As with any other peripherals in the world, the HP Scanjet 8270 also has a HP Scanjet 8270 scanner spec for its system requirement.

First and foremost, this thing doesn’t support Windows 10 and above which is a horrendous oversight on HP’s part. It can work with Windows 8.1 for both 64 or 32-bit version, but anything higher than that the HP Scanjet 8270 will stop working.

As for Mac, it requires at least Mac OS X 10.2.8 and is supported all the way to macOS 10.14.

If you’re thinking on buying this scanner, make sure to pay attention to this particular HP Scanjet 8270 scanner specs section because otherwise you’ll find a DOA product in front of your door if your machine doesn’t support it.

Our Personal Take

Now that we’ve all familiarized ourselves with the HP Scanjet 8270 scanner specs, let us give you our personal take as to whether you should consider this machine for your scanner jobs.

Honestly, no. Though it can work quite well, it is quite bulky compared to most scanners, and despite its bulkiness, it has poor paper handling with 50-sheet ADF and inability to scan anything above A5.

Yes, it is fast when it scans, but more often that not, this thing would be stuck in a paper jam as we use it, making the whole thing takes longer than it should’ve been.

So all in all, the HP Scanjet 8270 is not really worth the money if you’re looking for your one and only scanner to use at home. Just go with other brands such as Kodak instead who makes much better scanners at similar price range.

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And with that, ends this article on HP Scanjet 8270 scanner specs. Thank you for reading this guide on HP Scanjet 8270 scanner specs, we hope you find it useful and we’ll see you next time.

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