What is the HP ePrint Apple App and Why You Should Care

Technology has always been an interesting to witness no matter which age we are in. This stays true even with perhaps one of its most mundane applications, the printing world. Today, we’ll be going over one of the most revolutionary printing technologies, the HP ePrint Apple app and show you how it can be useful for your life.

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What is HP ePrint

HP as we all know is one of the pioneers when it comes to printing. Time and time again they have released products and services that revolutionaries the printing world. A couple years back, they released their HP ePrint service, a service that lets you print anything from anywhere.

And by anywhere we do mean anywhere.

HP ePrint works by us sending the file with which we wanted to be printed onto an email address as an attachment. This email address will be the email address that HP ePrint enabled service will get after being registered.

After that, the file we chosen will be printed at that printer, and we can just pick it up later.

This, of course, is very convenient as we all can imagine. Especially in situations where there aren’t any printers readily available close to us. With HP ePrint, we can search for HP ePrint enabled printers, send our file there, authenticate, and then pick the print job later.

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Why an App?

HP ePrint Apple app

If printing through the regular email way already works, why should there be an HP ePrint Apple App

The answer to that is quite simple. As with most things, having a companion app makes the process even simpler than before. In other words, it’s for more convenience for the user.

This is especially true for a mobile app. HP ePrint Apple app combines everything that is the HP ePrint service into one neat little package that’s easier to use. The HP ePrint Apple app helps you find HP ePrint enabled printers that you can use to print on the go, and it also provides more options for printing into your own HP ePrint enabled printers, among others.

Where to Get the App

To start enjoying the convenience that the HP ePrint apple app could give, just go to your AppStore and search for HP Smart. It should show up as the first entry.

Just like any app in the AppStore though, remember that the app has a minimum requirement for your device. For the HP Smart itself, the minimum requirement for your Apple device is 13.0 or later.

Download Link


As we can see above, the HP ePrint service is definitely very useful. So, we hope that this article on the HP ePrint Apple app detailing its uses and where you can get it is beneficial for you. If you’re still skeptical about it, please try it at least once. There is no harm in doing so, after all.

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And if you end up liking it, that’s great, and if you don’t, that’s also fine.

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All in all, that is everything we can say for today on this article. Thank you for your time, we hope you see you again in the next article.

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