HP ePrint App for iPad: What it Is and Where to Get It

Printing technologies have surely experienced tons and tons of breakthrough in the past decade. This starts from something as simple as double-sided printing, all the way to the wonder of wireless printing. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a more complex side of the latter, ePrinting. More specifically, we’ll be going over the HP ePrint App for iPad.

Starting from the basic definition of it, as well as how you can get it and use its benefits for yourself.

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What is HP ePrint

We’ve covered this particular topic before in our previous articles, but there’s no harm in reminding ourselves.

ePrint is a service by HP that lets you print anything from anywhere. This ePrint service is quite definitely the reason behind the existence of the HP ePrint App because who wouldn’t want something this convenient becomes even more convenient than before?

Back in its inception, HP’s ePrint is a bit of a hassle to get working. But nowadays, gone are the times where we have to compose complex emails to the HP ePrint enabled printers, the HP ePrint App for iPad takes care of all that for you.

How is ePrint Useful?

While AirPrint did managed to innovate the printing world with its wondrous wireless printing services, HP ePrint takes this idea and cranks it up to eleven.

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With HP ePrint, you can print from anywhere and literally anywhere as there are many HP ePrint enabled printers that’s ready for your use.

You just choose the file you want to print, send it, authenticate yourself, pay the fee, and boom, your file is printed and you just need to pick it up at the location.

Where to get the HP ePrint App

To start using the convenience features of the HP ePrint App for iPad, just go to your AppStore and search for HP ePrint Enterprise. It should then show up as the first result in your iPad. Click it, and install it. Easy, right?

Remember to update or check your iPadOS to the latest version before downloading it though because the app for iPad requires at least version 13.0 of the iPadOS. 

It’s a somewhat redundant warning considering how much well Apple is at keeping their customers’ iPad updated, but you never know. Better be safe than sorry.

Are There Alternatives?

Now here comes one of the only bad things about HP’s ePrint service. Since it’s a strictly HP brand service, there are no alternatives you can use to enjoy the service. 

You can still do it the old way through sending an email to the printer that you want to print on, but as far as another app that mimics the HP ePrint App for iPad goes, there are none.


HP ePrint App for iPad

So, as we can see, the HP ePrint service is indeed very useful. It’s easy to use, it’s convenient, and you can even do it through your iPad with less steps than usual. If you find your printer happens to support this feature, make sure to enable it as the directions on how to do so aren’t that complicated.

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Anyway, we hope you find this article on HP ePrint app for iPad useful, thank you for reading, we’ll see you next time.

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