HP ePrint App for iOS: What It Is and How to Get It

Over the many advances in printing technology, HP’s ePrint is definitely one of the most impressive there is. But despite being very impressive, not a lot of people talk about it, making it less known compared to other features such as AirPrint. So, what exactly is this HP ePrint App for iOS, and how can you get it?

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Understanding ePrint

Before going into the specifics of HP ePrint App for iOS, we need to understand what ePrint is first.

ePrint is a service from HP (Hewlett-Packard) that allows you to print documents on the go on public printer, to your personal printers. 

This is done through the email as in you send the document you want to print to the email address of the printer, and after that you can just pick it up and have your printed document ready to go.

There are, of course caveats you have to contend with. But as you can imagine, this feature is very convenient for a multitude of reasons. But today, that’s not what we’re here. 

Downloading the App for iOS

Now that we’re all on an even playing field with what ePrint is, let’s talk about the HP ePrint app for iOs that you can get right now.

First things first before you download the app, make sure that your iOS is on version 13.0 or later. 

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After that just go to your AppStore and search for HP ePrint Enterprise to start downloading HP ePrint app for iOS. That’s pretty much the only thing you have to do.

Why the App?

Now you might be asking, why even use the app? We can print things up just from sending an email to the address, right?

That’s indeed a valid question. We can indeed print things on-the-go just from sending email which is way more efficient, but there are times where the HP ePrint app for iOS do have very defined edges over this way.

The biggest one is the ability to refine the print settings. Through email, we can only choose what file to pick and nothing else. But with this HP ePrint App for iOS, we can change duplex/simplex options, number of copies, colors, and more.

If you just need to have a print job done and you don’t have any worry about the print settings, the regular way through email is definitely the preferred choice because it’s way faster and easier.

But if you’re looking for professionality in your print job, use the HP ePrint Enterprise to get the job done.


HP ePrint app for iOS

And there you have it. That was what the HP ePrint Enterprise is, as well as the way you can get it on your iPhone today. If you’re wondering about the specificity on how to ePrint from iPhone through the email, feel free to visit our article on this topic.

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But as far as this article goes, that’s pretty much everything we can say. It’s a useful feature. Even if it’s not widely used by the masses, it’s still a comfort knowing such feature exist just in case a scenario where we need it ever happen.

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