How to Use Brother DSMobile 620 Scanner

Previously we talked about how hard finding the spec sheets for scanners are, and while we’ve covered that one, but apart from specs, there’s also barely any manuals on how to use them. Even for a popular scanner like DS 620. So, here’s a how to use brother DSMobile 620 scanner to help you scanning your document right away.

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Installing the Driver

Before we get into the nitty gritty of this article that is how to use brother DSMobile 620 scanner, let’s make sure that we have the driver for the scanner first because otherwise nothing will work.

If you don’t have the DVD containing the driver for some reason, go to 

Download Link

And download it from there.

If you need any more instructions on the downloading part for the driver, please refer to this article of ours that details the way to download DS 620 driver.

To install the driver, simply open the setup for the driver and follow the instructions there. When you’re prompted to connect your scanner with your computer, turn on the DS 620 and then connect it through USB.

And that’s all for the installing part. Now let’s move on the actual how to use brother dsmobile 620 scanner part.

Scanning a Document

how to use brother DSMobile 620 scanner

After you’ve installed and connected the scanner to your computer, open the DSmobile Capture app that got installed on your computer.

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You will then be prompted for the model for your scanner. Choose the DS-620 and then proceed by clicking OK.

Then a new, much larger window will open. If you want to change the settings for your scan output, you can go to the top-left corner of your screen and click the Gear icon to change the settings. After you’re done with that, let’s continue with the how to use brother dsmobile 620 scanner guide.

Next thing to do to scan your document is to choose what file format you want your documents to be after you’re done scanning. In this article, we want our results to be PDF files, so choose PDF on the File Format drop down options.

To the right of the file format options is the directory in which your scan output will be saved. If you want to change it, go ahead and click the folder icon and navigate to where you want to put your scan outputs instead.

After everything is set up, put the document you want to scan into the DS-620 and click Scan.

The DS-620 will now start scanning your document and when it’s done, it will show its result on screen. You will find the output of your scan in the folder that you just chose earlier.

And that’s it, that’s pretty much the how to use brother DSmobile 620 scanner tutorial.

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We hope you find this short article detailing how you can use your DS-620 useful, and if you do, please feel free to share it with your friends who might need it. Scanners are tricky little thing after all, and we’d be glad to know that we’ve helped you with this endeavor.

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Thank you for reading this article, we’ll see you next time. Goodbye!

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