How to Download AirPrint App for iPad

Previously, we covered an article detailing on where to get AirPrint App for iPhones as well as the alternatives you can get if your printers don’t support AirPrint. Today, we’ll be talking about where to download airprint app for iPad and how you can protect yourself from downloading virus through these sketchy sites online.

Do You Need to Download AirPrint App?

Before we begin, let’s ask ourselves this question. Do you really need to download AirPrint app for iPad?

No, you definitely don’t. AirPrint comes natively with any iPad that’s sold on the market today, so you actually don’t need to download anything from anywhere to start using AirPrint. Just open up a document or photo, tap the Share button, and choose Print and you’re already using the convenience that is AirPrint.

But there are still definitely some apps that we can use as an alternative or extension for AirPrint for iPad.

1. Canon’s AirPrint App for iPad

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The first AirPrint app for iPad you can download is none other than Canon’s companion app for their printer. The Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy. This app works perfectly with the already in-built capabilities for your AirPrint, giving even more convenient features on the already stacked AirPrint.

Some of these features include photo trimming before printing, easy scanning capabilities, cloud linking services, printer settings information, and many others.

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To download AirPrint app for iPad for this Canon printers, just go to your App Store and search for the app’s name. It should show up on top of the list with 4.8 stars rating.

Keep in mind though that to download AirPrint app for iPad, this one in particular, you need your iOS to be version 13.0 or higher otherwise it won’t be available for you to download.

So just update your iPad beforehand before you start downloading.

2. iPrint Printer for AirPrint

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If you’re looking for an AirPrint app that is more general and not tied to one specific manufacturers, this app’s got it covered for you. Similar to Canon’s companion above, this app tries to extend the functionality that already exists in AirPrint.

Be it through giving the printing settings more options, supporting more printers in general and not just Canon printers, Cloud Printing, Office Documents Printing, and more.

Unfortunately, there are some kinks that need to be worked out with this app. It’s way less polished than Canon PRINT Inkjet/Selphy, but it can definitely still work.

Other thing to note too is that this app is not entirely ‘free’. You will be given a couple of weeks of trial period in which you can use to evaluate the app and solidify the decision of whether you want to actually buy it or not.

But after that trial period ended, you will have to pay to keep using it. Thankfully after many backlashes from their user, the developer changed their monthly subscription to lifetime access for their user.

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As you can see, we do not need to download AirPrint app for iPad, though if you really wanted to in order to get more conveniences, there are definitely options available such as the one we covered above.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s article on download AirPrint app for iPad, thank you for reading and we’ll see you all again next time.

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