How Thick is 220gsm Card? Let’s Find Out Together

When you want to print something, it is imperative that you know what kinds of paper you’re going to use because otherwise the result could just come up all messy and useless if you chose the wrong paper. So, in this article, we’ll be going over how thick is 220gsm card to make sure you don’t choose the wrong paper for your printer.

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What GSM Means

But before we go into how thick is 220gsm card, let’s first learn about this particular system of measurement first.

Papers, contrary to popular beliefs, are not actually measured by their thickness. Rather, it’s their grammage or the area density of a paper product otherwise known as their mass per unit of area.

It is confusing, yes, and it’s even more confusing because grammage or gsm is not actually the thickness of a card. It is actually their weight. Yes, a higher gsm card/paper is often time thicker compared to lower gsm card/paper, but this can’t really be used as a sound way of measuring as they’re not exactly 1:1.

Why Paper GSM Matters

As we’ve nudged above earlier, it’s important to know the gsm of the paper that you’re going to use. Which is why questions such as how thick is 220gsm card or how thick is 300gsm card very prevalent on Google.

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You can see GSM as a way to know which function suits the paper the best. For example, papers with low GSM are often used for printing and writing. You can see this example in a newspaper.

Meanwhile, you will never see a low GSM paper to be used for things such as business cards as they’d want the material to be more durable with longer longevity as they’re passed around to others.

And now that we know everything there is to know about this unit of measurement, let’s go back to our main topic: how thick is 220gsm card?

220gsm Card Thickness

how thick is 220gsm card

While GSM isn’t necessarily a valid way to judge the thickness of papers or cards as they can be made with completely different material, it is still a way to know what its thickness is.

Usually, a 220gsm paper is slightly thicker than our average A4 paper. It is the kind of paper that you’d use for arts and crafts projects, die cutting, as well as paper layering. 

Higher than 230gsm is where you’d see more use out of the 200gsm paper range as they’re usually the material that people would choose to use on making handmade cards that still has a bit of a bend in it.

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And that’s pretty much everything we’re able to say for this article on answering the question on how thick is 220gsm card.  Thank you for reading and making it this far, we hope you find it useful, and if you do, feel free to share it with your friends who might be in need of guidance regarding this tricky unit of measurement.

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And should you have any questions left unanswered, feel free to leave them in the comments too, we’ll help you to the best of our abilities. That’s all for now, we’ll see you all later.

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