Finding Brother DS 620 Mobile Color Page Scanner Driver

Looking for drivers on the internet has always been an annoying thing to do no matter what product you’re trying to get up running. This isn’t any less true with the DS 620 from Brother. Because of its popularity in the market, there are many misleading sites claiming to have Brother DS 620 mobile color page scanner driver.

So, here we are with an article on everything you need to know to get your DS 620 scanner up and running in no time.

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Finding Out your Operating System’s Version

Before we begin downloading the Brother DS 620 mobile color page scanner driver, we need to know what version of our OS we’re running.

If you’re on Mac devices, just click on the Apple logo on the top-right corner and click the “About this Mac” option. 

If you’re on Windows, press the start button and search for ‘dxdiag’. A window will pop-out that will tell you everything you need to know about which version of windows you’re running. 

Downloading the Driver

To find Brother DS 620 mobile driver, you can simply go to Brother’s official support website:


This link above will take you straight to the page in which you can start downloading the Brother DS 620 mobile color page scanner driver.

After landing on that page, there will be some choices you have to fill out. The first of which is what kind of operating system you’re on. Choose the one that you’re currently using and then proceed.

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Then you will have to choose which version of the operating system that you just chose you’re on right now. Use the information you just got from following the first step in this article then proceed.

After that just press ‘OK’ and Brother will immediately redirect you to a page in which you can download the Brother DS 620 mobile color page scanner driver that matches with your criteria you put in earlier.


Installing the driver for the DS 620 is just like any other scanner. Open the driver that you just downloaded, connect your scanner with your computer through USB when prompted, and then proceed accordingly.

Brother DS 620 driver comes with other scanning software that you can install if you want to, but if you don’t you can skip them no problem.

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And that’s everything we can say on today’s article on everything you need to know on the Brother DS 620 mobile driver. We hope that you find this article useful. 

There are many misleading sites in the net after all about these sorts of things. So, we hope that this can lead you to the result that you want to achieve.

That’s all from us for now, thank you for reading, and if you find this article useful, make sure to share it with your friends who might be in need of a tutorial on how to download and install the driver for Brother’s DS-620. We hope to see you soon!

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