Epson XP 5105 Review: Is it Worth It?

Through their years of reliability combined with tons of features and cheap price, Epson becomes known as one of the gold standards when it comes to inkjet printers. As you can imagine, Epson have a lot of quality products under their belt. But today we’ll be talking about the XP 5105. So, without further ado, here’s the Epson XP 5105 review.

In a Glance

This XP 5105 review will start off with what people and we see from this printer at a glance and the verdict for that is that Epson XP 5105 is a very good printer that manages to scram in a lot of features and other neat things while still retaining its relatively cheap price.

But it does have one big glaring flaws that we’re going to address later in this Epson XP 5105 review.

The Strengths

The biggest strength that the Epson XP 5105 has over its competitors in its price range is definitely the amount of features it offers you.

In its nature, the XP 5105 is a multi-function printer. It’s not quite an all-in-one printer because it has no faxing capability. But for most home office, the multi-functionality that is printing, scanning, and copying will be more than enough.

Unless you’re working on a large firm, of course, in which case Epson XP 5105 will be a bad MFP to get for you because there are much better options for the budget you have.

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Anyway, back to the printer itself, XP 5105 also offers duplex printing, a feature that’s quite rare to see when it comes to a printer priced around ~$100.

Another strength of the XP 5105 is that it’s surprisingly compact and small, perfect for home offices where there aren’t many spaces available for your printer. You could comfortably fit this in on your desk and it’d settle perfectly.

Apart from these things, the XP 5105 also has a 6.1cm color LCD with large buttons that serves as way to operate the printer.

But to be honest, for us the game changing feature is the accurate and easy to see ink levels for this printer because being a traditional printer that uses cartridges instead of tanks, it’s important for us to know the levels at all time.

Speaking of cartridge, let’s talk about the flaws of XP 5101 for this Epson XP 5105 review, shall we?

The Flaws

The biggest and most annoying flaws of XP 5105 is definitely the refills. We all know how stupidly expensive ink cartridges are for most printers. Unfortunately, the same thing can be said for this XP 5105. Refilling an entire set of cartridges can cost more than the printer itself which is absolutely ridiculous.

But if you’re not printing THAT much stuff to warrant refilling your ink cartridges or you’re just mainly using it for scanning/copying, the XP 5105 is still a good choice for small home offices.

The Verdict

To close this article on Epson XP 5105 review, let’s talk about the verdict for this product.

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Overall, XP 5105 offers a lot of bang for your buck with its many features. It’s perfect for home offices that don’t print thousands of pages every day regularly.

But if you do, you’ll end up paying way, way more in the long run with this traditional inkjet printers.

Finally, that’s all that we can say for today’s article on Epson XP 5105 review. We hope you find it useful and we’ll see you later.

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