Everything to Know on the Epson Expression 11000XL Software

Getting a new product on our hands is and will always be exciting. We’re always so excited on trying on new products whether they’re printers, scanners, or just MFPs. But sometimes, there comes a time where we have no idea what to do to get the product up and running which is why this article on Epson Expression 11000xl software exists.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know for the Epson Expression 11000xl software starting from where to download the drivers, as well as how you can install them on your computer.

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Downloading the Software

The first part and the most important part in this Epson Expression 11000xl software guide article is to find where to get the software itself.

The internet is a scary place after all and there are many sharks in the water wanting to infect your computer with viruses at every opportunity available.

So, here is the website you can visit to safely get the software for Epson Expression 11000xl:

Download Link

Once you open the website, the site will automatically detect what operating system you’re running right now. So even if you’re not knowledgeable in this area, you don’t need to worry because Epson already got it covered for you.

There, you can scroll down and open which category of software you want to download. As we’re in the driver downloading part of this Epson Expression 11000xl software article, click the + mark on the Drivers category.

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There you will see all the available drivers that you can download. Since here we’re just talking about the Expression 11000xl only, there is only one driver available to download from that list. Download the driver, and you’re pretty much done.

Should You Download Driver from Another Site?

You might be wondering this question if you’ve ever searched for drivers online yourself. Be it for graphic cards, monitors, printers, or scanners, there are places where you can get your drivers other than its official website.

Yes, most of the time, it is safe to download from these sites, but as to whether you should do it or not, we’ll advocate on no.

There’s absolutely no reason to download from less trustworthy sites for your scanners’ drivers if you can just go to the official site and download it.

So, do us, and yourself a favor and just download from official sites. If you’re downloading Brother products’ drivers, go to https://support.brother.com/, if you’re downloading Epson products’ drivers, go to https://epson.com/Support/sl/s and search for your product.

Installing the Driver

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s continue where this Epson Expression 11000xl software article left off.

After downloading the driver, unpack your scanner and assemble it. After everything is done, open the driver that you just downloaded then connect your scanner to your computer with the USB.

After that, the software will do everything it needs to automatically and you pretty much have the driver installed on your computer already.

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So, that’s everything that we can say for this Epson Expression 11000xl software guide article. Thank you for reading, we hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you again next time.

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