Understanding Epson ET 2700 Double Sided Printing Capability

Printing double sided pages have always been a hassle ever since the dawn of printing. As such, it’s impervious that we find printer that has an automatic duplex capability as it will make our lives so much easier when we want to print double sided. So, let’s find out Epson ET 2700 double sided printing capability together, shall we?

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Short Overview

Before we dig deeper and talk about Epson ET 2700 double sided printing support, let’s give ourselves a quick refresh as to what the Epson ET 2700 is.

Epson is known as one of the best printer brands out there because of their tried-and-true reliability and imaging quality. A couple of years ago, they released their EcoTank lineup, a lineup of printers that uses ink bottles instead of cartridges as a way to draw ink to print.

As to the reason why they did this, it’s because as we all know it, printing with inkjet or laser printers are very expensive. Ink bottles solves this issue as they have high paper yield and is very cheap to refill.

The ET 2700 is one of the many EcoTank printers released by Epson that is that’s a great MFP with critically acclaimed reviews everywhere, but does it have an automatic duplex? How is the Epson ET 2700 double sided printing capability? Well, let’s find out together.

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Duplex Capability

Unfortunate as it is, the Epson ET 2700 double sided printing capability is very subpar. It can do double-sided printing, but you have to do it manually. This is a big hassle to do especially in these days and age where most MFP already possess auto duplexing as a part of their feature. 

But it not having auto duplexing is not a reason to not buy it as everything other than that is absolutely great. It’s cheap to buy and run, it has tons of other features that’re not auto duplex, and it prints great as expected from Epson.

But if you want to do duplex or double-sided printing on this machine, here’s how you can do it.

How to Do Duplex Printing with ET 2700

Epson ET 2700 double sided printing

As you’re about to print something, there will be a row saying 2 Sided printing with its value listed as Off.

There, select what kinds of double-sided printing you want to do, and then press the Settings button right below it.

There, you will be given tons of options to fiddle with for your double-sided printing, adjust it to whatever you wanted it to be and then press OK.

Now print the document that you wanted to be duplexed, and follow the instructions listed on screen to finish duplexing your document.

You’ll have to rotate it and put it back in manually for every paper, and while it is a bummer to do so, it can at least do double-sided printing.

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And that’s pretty much it for this article on Epson ET 2700 double sided printing capability. It is unfortunate that it has no auto duplex, but it’s not too bad as long as you’re not duplex printing 100 documents a day.

We hope you find this this article, and we’ll see you later. Goodbye!

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