Epson DS 780N Scan to Folder Tutorial for Windows

Scanning is always tricky because it’s so different from printing. With printing, you just open the file that you want to print, press CTRL + P, choose the settings, and you’re done. But with scanning, it’s not really all that simple. So, here we are with an Epson DS 780n scan to folder tutorial that will guide you how you can scan with your DS-780N.

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Getting the Drivers

Before we start the Epson DS 780N scan to folder tutorial, we need to make sure that we have the drivers for this scanner otherwise we won’t be able to scan anything with it.

If your product for some reason doesn’t come with a DVD that you can put in your computer to install the driver, go to:

Download Link

Choose which operating system you’re running, and then download the drivers they show. After that install it manually as you would to a regular driver.

Scanning with Epson Scan 2

Epson DS 780n scan to folder

As you might’ve guessed, there are multiple ways to scan in this Epson DS 780n scan to folder tutorial. The first one we’re going to cover is using Epson’s Epson Scan 2.

After properly installing the drivers for your DS-780N, go to your Start menu and search for Epson Scan 2.

There a window will show up offering you options that you can change for your scan job. Change the options to what you wanted them to be, and then click proceed. Epsn DS 780N will automatically scan your documents to a folder.

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To see or change which folder it will scan to, click the Folder option that’s on the bottom of the options and choose which folder you want it to save in.

After you’re done changing your options, you can either click Preview to see how your scan will turn out or Scan to start scanning immediately.

Scanning with Document Capture Pro

The other way that we’re going to show you in this Epson DS 780N scan to folder tutorial is by using Document Capture Pro.

To start using it, open your Start menu and search for Document Capture Pro. 

After opening it click Select Scanner and choose your DS-780N. If you want to change the format or options for your scan job, click one of the jobs icon or the arrow next to the Job Settings button to change it.

If you want to customize your settings even more, click the Scan Settings to see a more robust option that you can change.

When you’re done, click Scan.

After you’re done scanning, the program will automatically shows you the preview of your scan. From there, click one of the icons in the Destinations menu to select where you want your scan to be saved.

As this is a tutorial on how to scan to folder, click the folder icon and navigate to your desired directory.

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And that’s pretty much it for this Epson DS 780n scan to folder tutorial for Windows. Thank you for reading this article, we hope you find it useful, and if you do make sure to share this Epson DS 780N scan to folder tutorial for Windows with your other friends.

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We’ll see you next time. Goodbye!

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