The Epson DS 310 Review: Is It Worth It?

Epson is known for many things in the printer and scanner world. One of those things is affordability coupled with reliability. Two of these qualities make Epson the go to brand to pick when it comes to scanner or printer. Today, we’ll be going over one of their products, the Epson DS 310 in this Epson DS 310 Review.

Let’s find out together whether this neat little scanner is worth its salt, shall we?

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One of the DS 310 key selling points other than its affordable is definitely the fact that it’s so portable. The thing is so small that it’s able to fit inside a bag, perfect for those who finds themselves in need of a scanner on-the-go. 

Other thing we should mention in this Epson DS 310 review is that other than being small, it’s also very light too, which of course adds in to the portability factor of this machine.

Quality and Performance

As expected of a scanner this price and size, the DS 310 produces average and above average results at most for scanning purposes. They’re certainly readable, and is certainly acceptable if the only thing you’re using it is for document scanning only. 

It won’t fare too well when it comes to pictures or images, so just keep that in mind.

Apart from its scan quality, we’d like to talk about its performance next in this Epson DS 310 review. Speed wise, the DS 310 is one of the fastest scanners you can find in the market that are both this tiny and cheap. 

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It also has a 20-page automatic document feeder too should you find yourself wanting to scan a large batch of documents at once.

Set Up

Since the key selling point of this DS 310 is that it’s portable and easy to use, Epson has ensured that user won’t need to go through rigorous manual to actually use the product.

Installing the driver for the Epson DS 310 is easy and simple, and it’s even easier to find the driver in the first place since a simple Google search on ‘Epson DS 310 driver’ would guide you right into Epson’s official website.


Apart from its easy set-up process, the Epson DS 310 is also highly versatile for a portable printer. Color-wise, you can easily choose between color or monochrome scanning in 300dpi.

It also supports double-sided and single-sided scanning, and even a dedicated slot for scanning plastic cards the likes of identification cards or driving licenses.


Epson DS 310 review

And with all that being said, here is the verdict to close off this Epson DS 310 review

Valued at around ~$259,99, the Epson DS 310 is an excellent choice for scanner if you’re looking for scanner you can carry everywhere. It’s light, compact, has decent scan qualities, and offers a lot of versatility for the kinds of documents you want to scan with it.

It’d of course pales in comparison to most MFP printers and dedicated scanners out there. And while its niche is fairly narrow, it’s one of the best in its class when it comes to portable scanners. 

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So, if these features above are what you want for a scanner, go for it. The Epson DS 310 won’t let you down.

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All in all, that’s everything we’re able to say for this article on Epson DS 310 review. Thank you for reading, and we’ll see you next time.

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