Dell 5130CDN Review: Fast, But Not Much Else

Dell is not really a brand known for making printers. But despite being not really well known in the market, Dell still managed to release an acceptable product in the form of Dell 5130cdn. And today, we’ll be going over this large, black and intimidating piece of printer in this Dell 5130cdn review.

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The Dell 5130cdn is quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It’s black, boxy, and overall gives off an intimidating aura. It’s quite large too, and it weighs over 90 pounds. It’s definitely not the printer for small unassuming home office, but it can settle right into the busy office workflow its intended for quite comfortably.

Printing Quality

As far as ~$1,200 printer goes, it’s a shame to say that in this Dell 5130cdn review the machine is a bit lackluster. At best, it produces subpar text and subpar photo quality with tons of graininess, but clarity and detail are definitely not the spectrum that Dell is shooting for this printer.

It does have an automatic duplexer for and a total of 700 sheets tray, but that’s nothing to write home about considering most printers at this price also have those features with them.

So, we’ll set that aside for now and look at the thing it does best at instead, the speed.

As a trade off for the lackluster printing quality, the 5130cdn is among the fastest laser printers out there with its 47-ppm rating. This quality alone makes the 5130cdn worth considering for workplaces that requires a printer that’s blazingly fast that can print through many documents at the earliest time possible.

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It’s quite a niche advantage to be sure, but it’s definitely a welcome one if it is what you’re looking for in a printer.


Dell 5130cdn review

Another strong point of the 5130cdn in this Dell 5130cdn review has to be its ink economy that was rated at 1 cent per monochrome page and 7.7 cents per color page which is incredibly impressive. This makes the 5130cdn an expensive to buy, but not expensive run. Something that not many laser printers can say.


Considering all of the points above, here is the verdict for this Dell 5130cdn review.

As far as color laser print goes, the 5130cdn is definitely among the fastest printer available out there in the market. It’s not hilariously expensive, but it’s definitely not cheap either. 

It also has one of the lowest cost per page available out there, but other than these two qualities, the 5130cdn is average at best and subpar at worst in its printing quality.

This makes the 5130cdn the perfect printer for those who print thousands of pages everyday without stop with the printing speed and ink economy being the reason. But outside of that niche market, it’s very hard to recommend the Dell 5130cdn as there are many better printers out there at this price.

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So, that’s everything that we can say for this article on the Dell 5130cdn review. Thank you for reading, we hope you find what was written inside useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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