Canon PIXMA iX6850 Review: A Good Budget Option

Out of the many options when it comes to printers, Canon is certainly one of the most reliable options out there because not only do they make quality products, they also have products that cater to your specific needs. In this instance, this specific need will be the budget option, so without further ado, here’s the Canon PIXMA iX6850 review.

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The iX6850 is a printer meant to be used in small offices or homes, so it’s natural that this thing is quite small in terms of footprint. You can comfortably share a desk with this thing and you’d still have tons of spaces available to you.

There are of course some sacrifices that were made to achieve this small of a footprint. One of the most prominent ones is the lack of paper trays, no duplex capability, and no screen navigation.

All of these things are somewhat minor problems for most of us, but it’s still fair to let you know in this Canon PIXMA iX6850 review that this model lacks those things.

Printing Quality

Now despite being meant to be used as a hobbyist printer or home printer, Canon doesn’t slack when it comes to print quality.

It may cut the duplex capability and other things we mentioned above, but print quality is still as excellent as ever. Photos from this thing come out gorgeous and detailed, and despite its small footprint, you can still print A3 and retain those details that you’d usually lose.

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Blacks and documents are of course good, but not as excellent as its photo printing capability with little banding but it shouldn’t be visible as long as you’re not looking at it through a magnifier. But speaking of magnifiers, even the smallest fonts possible out there come out crisp and detailed.

Print quality wise, you won’t be disappointed with this thing at all, even for how cheap it is.

Ink Economy

One of the worst things about buying an inkjet printer is that it’s expensive to run and this is still true for this Canon PIXMA iX6850 review. It’s not break your bank level of being expensive, but it’s what you’d expect out of an inkjet printer. 

Don’t expect to find the cost that you’ll find when running a supertank printer because you will be disappointed with this one.


Canon PIXMA iX6850 review

All in all, what’s the verdict for this Canon PIXMA iX6850 review, then?

Cost wise, it is definitely a great printer with great printing quality. IF what you need out of a printer is just great quality and ease-of-use, the iX6850 got that covered for you. But if you need anything more from it such as a dedicated paper tray and duplex capabilities, steer away from it.

It is a good budget option for those who don’t print all that often or those who mostly print photos 24/7. If you’re not in either of these categories, go get your heavy-duty MFP first before glancing at the Canon PIXMA iX6850 as your second companion printer.

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And that’s everything we can say for this article on Canon PIXMA iX6850 review. We hope you find what was written useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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