The Canon Pixma GM2050 Printer: The Best for College Students?

Often times when we find ourselves needing a printer, it’s always something to do with school or college. As in we need it to print our assignments, essay, thesis, or any black and white document. And it sucks when we have to buy color printers with more expensive ink to do these things. Thankfully, here comes Canon Pixma GM2050 printer.

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The first and the most important thing we need in a printer for schoolwork or college is whether or not it can be relied upon. You don’t want to find your printer broke during on the last day your assignments are due, after all.

Thankfully reliability is never a concern for the Canon Pixma GM2050 printer. Considering that it’s mainly only used for monochrome printing, you can confidently put your trust in this printer to never let you down.


Colleges often don’t offer us a lot of free spaces in our lives. Whether that’s in the dorm room, or your own apartment. Either way you need every space you can get, and of course, you don’t want most of your space to be wasted away by a printer, domineering itself front and center in your room.

This, like the reliability issue, is also not a concern for Canon Pixma GM2050 printer. It is quite small and unobtrusive; you can just shelf it on a corner somewhere and you’ll have most of your spaces intact. 

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Despite it’s small and one-minded nature, Canon PIXMA GM2050 packs a lot of features that makes your black-and-white printing more convenience. One of the most useful one for us is definitely its Wi-Fi connectivity.

Despite being quite cheap, it does have Wi-Fi that works. Setting it up is also very simple so with it you most likely won’t need to even get up from your bed to start printing from this machine.

Not only that, Canon also has an app specifically for the PIXMA series too that can make your wireless printing even easier and more convenient.

It also has duplex printing too, so if you ever find yourself needing to print a book for your assignments, the PIXMA GM2050 have that covered for you. 

Print Economy

Other than not having much space, one of the constant things in college is how little money we have since most of them goes to tuition. This doesn’t bode well with printers as with how expensive their ink cartridges are.

But since the Canon PIXMA GM2050 printer uses ink bottles, this of course, again, is not an issue. It has tremendously low cost-per-page at 18000 pages from ink bottles, ink bottles that are only around $11 each.


So, to sum it all, the Canon PIXMA GM2050 is quite definitely a freshman’s best friend. It’s cheap, doesn’t take a lot of spaces, and is very reliable. Sure, you don’t have color printing, but if what you’re going to be printing is mostly just black and white, the GM2050 is an excellent bang for your buck.

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All that being said, that’s everything we have for today on this Canon PIXMA GM2050 printer. Thank you for reading, we hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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