Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw Review: A Very Good Value

After reviewing its predecessor, the SENSYS MF742cdw couple days ago, we think it’d be remiss to not talk about its successor, the Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw. So, here is the Canon i SENSYS MF744cdw review from us in which we’ll be looking at why the successor to the MF744cdw is a very good value for you.

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Size and Design

Canon i SENSYS MF744cdw review

As expected from a business MFP, the MF744cdw is not small by any means. Still, its size is acceptable for most business office in the world, even with its optional 550-sheet cassette.

Design wise, the is packed with tons of utility required for business offices starting from a USB 2.0 port, Gigabit ethernet, wireless, and NFC connectivity. Its ADF can handle 50-sheets at once and can be extended with the optional cassette that we mentioned above.

Just like its predecessor, the MF744cdw also has an impressive touchscreen for its price. It’s 12.7cm wide and is used control the MFP even easier than before considering how large it is and this will even be extended more when we talk about its software library later.


If there’s a topic that we should absolutely cover in this Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw review, it will certainly be the features and software of this machine.

The MF744cdw supports Canon Application Library that includes one-touch scanning, predestined ID Card copying and faxing, as well as a print template app that can be used when you’re doing a lot of repetitive print jobs.

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All of these are already installed by default and only need to be activated once through its web console. 

But having all of these neat features would be pointless if you can’t really use them because they’re hard to navigate. Thankfully this isn’t a problem at all with the MF744cdw because its 12.7cm touchscreen makes navigating the printer a breeze, and is fully integrated with the Canon Application library.

So, you can be confident that the MF744cdw will make all of your repetitive office tasks more enjoyable with its software suite.

Apart from the Canon Application Library though, the MF744cdw brings the standard printing and scanning drivers with it.

Print Quality

Other than having tons of features and options with its Canon Application library, the MF744cdw doesn’t fall short when it comes to print quality either.

It produces outstanding print quality, both for color and mono. It is a lot slower when printing colored pages, but its quality doesn’t fall short at all. Whether on low-quality or high-quality paper, the MF744cdw consistently delivers crystal clear outputs, making it one of the best MFPs when it comes to printing at this price range.


All that being said, it should be obvious what the conclusion for this Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw review should be.

It is an amazing MFP. It’s cheap, it prints really well, it got a lot of neat features that make your office tasks easier, and while we don’t explicitly cover it in this article, is actually not that expensive to run.

If you’re in need for an MFP for your office, look no further than the Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw.

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And that’s everything we can say for today’s article on Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw review. We hope you find it useful. If you do, make sure to share this Canon I SENSYS MF744cdw review to your friends who might need it. We’ll see you next time.

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