Canon DR M260 Review: Is It Worth It?

There are a lot of scanners in the world, starting from small portable scanners, to the MFP printers with scanner, and to the most humongous heavy-duty scanners out there. In this article, we’ll be diving into the quite expensive lineup from Canon, the imageFormula. Specifically, we’ll be doing a Canon DR M260 review and see whether it’s worth it.

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Despite its size, the Canon DR M260 is not as large as other scanners in its price range. Its dimensions are at 9x11x10 inches, and it weights at 7.5 pounds or so, making it quite light in nature.

But this dimension is only when it’s folded up and not in use. When completely unfurled, the scanner triples in length, making it require dedicated space to function.

The Canon DR M260 has a large and neatly placed control panel that will be used to do some configuration as well as interacting with the software suite that the DR M260 has.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about the software suite next in this Canon DR M260 review.

Software and Features

As with most other scanners at its price, the Canon DR M260 has the industry standard TWAIN and ISIS drivers that help it connect to a lot of application starting from Adobe’s suite to Microsoft Office. 

But what’s most impressive for this expensive scanner is its software suite. Canon packs the M260 with Canon’s CaptureOnTouch, Capture Perfect, and Kofax VRS Pro. All of these are the gold-standard when it comes to scanning software, and it comes with the M260 out of the box.

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And while it looks to be egregious to most user, it is in fact the perfect software suite for mid-to-large scale businesses with workflow already established in place.

But now that we’ve talked about its features, let’s proeed with the other thing that the M260 does really well at, the speed.

Scanning Speed

We all know that most scanners are fast or at the very least acceptable when it comes to scanning regular documents. And we also know that most of them fall off the wagon when they’re tasked with scanning into a searchable document format.

This doesn’t hold up true with the M260. It stays consistent in speed and quality when scanning into searchable document format. And more than that, it is among the fastest scanners that’s able to scan into searchable.

But fast speed means nothing if you can’t read any text, right?

Well, that again is not an issue for the M260.


As far as accuracy goes, the M260 is a winner. It managed to read even some of the smallest texts we tried with it with zero errors across the board, making it a reliable choice for scanning any kinds of document or photo you might ever need to scan.


Canon DR M260 review

All in all, despite being expensive, the Canon DR M260 is an amazing buy. There’s nothing more to say for this Canon DR M260 review other than that.

Yes, it has few shortcomings such as the inflexibility in regards to ports and connectivity, it has everything else you’d need from a scanner.

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And that’s everything we’re able to say for this Canon DR M260 review article. Thank you for reading this far, we hope you this Canon DR M260 review useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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