Canon Color imageClass MF641CW Review: A Barebone MFP

When you think of MFP, you’d think of a printer that can do everything at once with lots and lots of convenience features for you to enjoy. It is supposed to be multifunction, after all. Right? Well, that unfortunately isn’t true for this Canon Color imageClass MF641CW review.

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Just from a glance alone, the imageClass MF641CW is quite smaller than most other MFP in the market. While this does sound like a positive at first, you’d come to realize that Canon paid a hefty price for this smaller, leaner design and that is the inexistence of the beloved ADF.

That’s right, the imageClass MF641cw doesn’t have any ADF unlike 90% MFPs in the market. This makes it quite annoying to use when you want to duplex scan or print something because you’d have to manually flip the pages yourself.

You’d think that an MFP would make your duplexing easier with all of its conveniences, but sadly that isn’t the case with MF641CW


So, speaking convenience, let’s talk about the features that this thing has for this Canon Color Color imageClass MF641cw review.

Apart from the clear lack of auto duplexing, the only feature worth nothing from it is its gorgeous 12.7cm touchscreen. Canon clearly cut off some parts to make it this cheap, but the touchscreen is not where it’s at.

The touchscreen provided on the MF641cw is of course as expected, very easy to use. Its one of the only touchscreen that comes close to the joy of experiencing our own phones because of how easy it is.

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And there are a couple of neat features in this display that gives MF641cw some features among its clear lack thereof.

With this display, you can add apps from Canon Application Library or tasks that you can use for specific scanning or printing purposes, which can of course help your office duty be a little more bearable than usual. 

But other than that, the other noteworthy feature of the MF641cw is its wireless connectivity. Yes. It supports wireless. Thank God. This means you can use AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or other cloud printing services to print with this machine.

Print Quality

Being a printer, it’s only fair that we talk about its printing quality in this Canon Color imageClass MF641cw review.

So, how are they? As expected of Canon, the outputs from MF641cw looks excellent. There are some bandings here and there, but it’s still an impressive quality from some $200 MFP.


Canon Color imageClass MF641CW Review

So, all in all, what can we take away from this Canon Color imageClass MF641cw review?

Overall, it’s not bad of an MFP especially at this price, but compared to others, even others in the same price range, the MF641cw lacks a lot of the features that make an MFP worth it. The only really good thing that you might get from the MF641cw compared to other MFP is its printing quality, as expected of Canon.

But this alone is not enough for us to recommend it over the other more well-rounded features and printing quality to people on this Canon Color imageClass MF641cw review

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However, if you don’t mind all of its shortcomings above and you do care for the imaging quality that this MFP has, the MF641cw can be worth it.

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So, that’s everything we have for today’s article on Canon Color imageClass MF641cw review. Thank you for reading, we hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you next time.

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