Brother PDS 5000 Review: Is it Worth to Buy ?

We’ve talked about Brother many times in these articles already, but how couldn’t we? They produce such reliable product with cheap prices, making them a very good buy for most home offices with limited budget. This time in the lineup of reasonably inexpensive products, we have a Brother PDS 5000 review.

Let’s see this how this one scanner fare against its competitor, shall we?

Image Quality

The first thing you want to be good for a scanner is definitely the quality of the scans which is why we have this as the first topic for this Brother PDS 5000 review.

As far as ~$900 heavy duty scanner goes, Brother PDS 5000 OCR quality somewhat subpar. Still, it should be enough for most documents as long as the texts aren’t so small that the DPS 5000 review can’t read clearly.

Keep in mind though that it doesn’t have a document or business card management program. So, if those are the features you’re looking for in a scanner, then unfortunately the PDS 5000 won’t cut it for you.


Apart from its subpar OCR quality, Brother definitely has it going for PDS 5000 in terms of useability. It’s easy to operate even for someone who aren’t familiar with scanners. The scanner comes with DS Capture which essentially is the driver and the backbone of the scanner.

But unlike your regular drivers, this one comes with an interface and features that are easy to use, making scanning with Brother PDS 5000 way less of a hassle especially when you just finished setting it up.

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Quantity Beast

Brother PDS 5000 Review

The strongest point of the PDS 5000 in this Brother PDS 5000 review is definitely its ability to scan large batches of paper.

It performs leagues above its competitor when it comes down to scanning to imaging stacks at high speed.

Its slightly worse than its competitor when it comes to scanning to searchable PDFs, but if what you need is a blazing fast large batch scanning to imaging stacks, the PDS 5000 definitely won’t let you down.


To round out this Brother PDS 5000 review, the PDS 5000 overall is a good scanner with robust ADF and blazing fast speed when it comes to large batch scanning. This makes it a product that’s very good for medium-to-large work offices that are on a tight budget with lots of document to scan every day.

Its main flaws lie in its subpar OCR quality and no document or business card support, making it less flexible than its competitor.

But if those two things aren’t really a concern for you, the Brother PDS 5000 is most assuredly a banggood for your buck when it comes to $899 scanners.

Buy Brother PDS 5000

Anyway, that’s everything we can say for this Brother PDS 5000 review. We hope you find it useful in helping you solidify your decision on whether to buy this scanner or not.

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That’s all for now, thank you for reading and we’ll see you next time.

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