Brother P Touch 2030VP : An Affordable, Compact Office Labeler

Everyone in the US should definitely know about Brother. Yes. The famous manufacturer of printers, scanners, a labeler device known for their cheap price and excellent performance. In this article, we’ll be specifically zeroing in on the Brother P Touch 2030VP touch labeler.

This mini-printer has been critically acclaimed from multiple reviewers, and here are the reasons.


The reason that the Brother P Touch 2030VP is so beloved in everyone’s eyes is because of its value. It’s small, compact, and very flexible.

The product always comes with its own case with AC adapter that’s very easy to carry, making it very useful for on-the-go usage if you ever need a labeling machine with you.

Power and Battery

Now talking about its on-the-go capability, it’s a must that we mentioned of its power and battery performance.

It comes with a plug-in power adapter so even if you don’t have any batteries with you at the moment, you can still use this neat little machine just by plugging it in into the closest outlet.


Most of label maker don’t have that many choices when it comes to customization for the fonts and designs. But Brother P Touch 2030VP does. By default, the 2030VP offers 50 pre-designed labels, 4 different font choices, 10 type styles, 7 sizes, and more than 10 framing options.

These label collection makes it more than possible for you to find the exact right font, style, and size for whatever it is you’re labeling right now.

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Other than its versatility and portability, Brother’s 2030VP also offers clarity in the form of large screen and easy-to-type keyboard. Most of mini-printer or label maker are all kind of hard to type accurately because not only are you able to barely see what you’re typing, there’s also no space for you to actually type.

But the 2030VP fixes this problem while also still retaining its sleek and modern design. You can even preview what you’re going to be printing too.

But speaking of its sleek and modern design, the 2030VP also offers some extra utility with its body using the tape cutter up top.

Price Brother PT2030VP

Now, we’ve covered most of everything there is to cover about the Brother P Touch 2030VP. But other than all of that, the 2030VP’s crowning glory is definitely the price. It offers an absurdly good value for what you’re paying.

As of right now, 2030VP is typically sold at around $40 and if you’re lucky, you can even get it for ~$20 on Amazon.

Buy It on Amazon

It was originally priced at around $120 MRSP, but since it’s a fairly old product, it’s been discounted over and over again, which is of course good for us customers because it’s value just skyrocketed that way.


Overall, the Brother P Touch 2030VP is an excellent choice if you need a label maker, be it for on-the-go labeling, or at-home/office labeling. It’s cheap, has many power options, comes with a case and AC adapter by default, and has tons of styling options for your label.

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So, if you’re still in the market for a label maker, look no further because Brother’s got your back with his 2030VP.

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