Printer Comparison: Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920dw

Sometimes, it is a bit hard to find the right product for your home office just because of the sheer amounts of printers available. This is especially true with printers that are in the same lineup such as the one we’re covering today. So, how can we know which one is the one for us? Well, here’s a Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920dw comparison.

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Design and size wise, the two are almost exactly identical. If you’re worried about which one has the larger or smaller footprint over the others, then you really shouldn’t because there’s nothing that’s actually different in terms of design for these two machines.

So, regarding the design decision for this Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920dw comparison, you can choose either of them and you’d get the same result.

Both of them have the same excellent paper handling with its 500-sheet paper tray that can even take tabloid sized papers.


Similar to their design decision, the feature decisions for these two are extremely similar. They both have Wi-Fi direct, duplex printing, scanning and faxing to and from your PC, etc. 

Both of them also have AirPrint support too so you don’t need to install drivers for these two.

But the J6920dw has two features that its predecessor doesn’t have and that is NFC and duplex scanning. These might seem minor at first, but they are indeed something that can be a deal breaker for the people that actually use it.

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The lack of NFC and duplex scanning is a valid and perhaps the main reason people choose the J6920dw over the J6720dw.

But if you don’t care or need those two features, the J6720dw has pretty much the same features as the J6920dw and you don’t need to worry about missing out on the features of its successor.

Printing Performance

As far as this Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920DW comparison goes, the two MFPs perform exactly the same as the other.

The only areas it differs is in terms of speed in which the J6720dw performs slightly better. Print output wise, both produce just what you’d expect from an inkjet printer. 

It’s somewhat uneven and the graphics come out a bit fuzzy, but it’s serviceable for most offices especially because it has great text and black and white prints which is of course what you’d be using it the most for anyway.


Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920dw

So, to conclude this comparison on Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920dw, let’s talk about which one is the right one for you.

If you value NFC and duplex scanning in any way, then you should absolutely go for the J6920. Yes, it’s slightly more expensive, but duplex scanning is an important enough feature for those who use it and you will definitely notice what not having it will entail.

But if you don’t then the J6720 is the better deal. It performs almost exactly the same as its successor, but it’s so much cheaper compared to it. 

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And that’s everything we can say for today’s article on Brother MFC J6720dw vs MFC J6920dw comparison. Thank you for reading, we hope you find it useful, and we’ll see you later.

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