Should You Use Brother LC223 Compatible Inks?

There has always been a debate on whether you should use compatible inks for your printer or not. Generally, there are three types of inks for your printer. Remanufactured, OEM or original, and compatible. So, should you use Brother LC223 compatible inks for your Brother printer? Well, let’s find out together shall we.

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Understanding the Differences

Before we begin talking about whether it’s safe to use Brother LC223 compatible inks or not, we need to understand the differences between the three types of inks we mentioned earlier.

First is the original or OEM. As its name implies, the OEM inks are one that are manufactured directly by the brand. If it’s a Brother printer, then it is Brother who made the ink for them. 

OEM inks are often the preferred ink refills for your printer because not only are they guaranteed to work, but they also give the best results for your prints, or at least that’s what the manufacturers want you to believe.

Now as for remanufactured inks, they’re not strictly ‘remanufactured’ in a way. They’re mostly inks that use the original or OEM ink cartridges and then refill it to the brim with compatible inks. 

And finally, the main topic for this Brother LC223 compatible ink debate. Compatible inks are ink cartridges that are made from scratch by the manufacturer. Compatible inks exist because there are some manufacturers out there that allow non-original ink cartridges to go into their printer.

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So, now to answer the question, is it safe to use Brother LC223 compatible inks?

Is It Safe to Use Compatible Inks?

Brother LC223 compatible

And the answer to that is of course, yes, it is safe. Not only are compatible inks so much cheaper than OEM inks, they also work the same way as OEM inks. The only reason manufacturers demand you to use their OEM cartridges is to make sure that they gain more profit.

They scare their customers by telling them that their printers will break down when they use non-original ink cartridges, but that’s entirely not true.

As long as you choose ink cartridges that are actually compatible, as in they are for your brand, they will work just fine. Remanufactured, compatible, or otherwise.

You will also get mostly the same ink quality as you’d to an original ink cartridge, so there should be no reason for you to buy OEM ink cartridges unless your printer absolutely demands it.

So, go ahead and use your Brother LC223 compatible ink cartridges. Your printer will be just fine. Don’t worry, it won’t suddenly stop working as soon as you put your compatible ink in there. 

As long as you do your research and choose an ink that can actually be put inside your printer, you should be fine.

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And that’s everything we can say for this article on whether it’s safe to use compatible inks in general, and more specifically, compatible Brother LC233 ink cartridges.

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