Brother HL L8350CDW Review: Is It Worth It?

We’ve reviewed many Brothers’ products in the past, and continuing with that theme, today we will be doing a Brother HL L85350CDW review and see whether its worth your money over other any other color laser printers in the market. Without further ado, here is the Brother HL L8350CDW review.

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Paper Handling

One of the L8350CDW strongest point that needed to be covered in this HL L8350CDW review is definitely the paper handling. It’s not the most heavy-duty printer out there, but it has excellent paper handling that would put other more expensive printers to shame.

The L8350CDW comes with a 250-sheet paper tray that supports duplexing. This is something that most printers at this price range but the L8350CDW also comes with a 50-sheet multipurpose tray.

And if you still need more paper handling trays, you can add an extra 500-sheet second tray at $249,99 for a total of 800-sheets paper handling capability.

Now most of the time, you won’t need to go this above and beyond when it comes to color laser printing considering the market that this printer is aimed at, but it’s still nice that the option is there when you need it.


What differs the L8350CDW from its predecessor, the HL-8250CDN in this HL L8350CDW review article is its features, mainly its Wi-Fi connectivity.

Performance wise, the L8350CDW performs almost exactly to its predecessor with some improvements here and there that we’ll cover in the next section.

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But what differs them the most is its Wi-Fi connectivity. Considering that Wi-Fi is a standard in these days and age, having and not having Wi-Fi can make or break the deal for printers.

Which is why the L8350CDW comes equipped with all the WiFi convenience features you’d expect printers this decade to have. Including but not limited to Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and others.


We touched briefly upon the machine’s performance earlier, saying that it’s nearly identical to its predecessor the HL-8250CDN. 

And apart from its output, the HL-8350CDW is indeed the same. It’s got the same printing speed and ink economy. The only thing that the HL8-350CDW does better in this department is in the graphic.

Print outputs come out more detailed and vibrant, and even the smallest text is still crisp and clear on the paper.

But other than that, you can expect the same performance from the HL-8250CDN.


HL L8350CDW review

And to round up this HL L8350CDW review, let’s talk about its verdict. The HL8350CDW is an excellent printer, it’s cheap, not too expensive to run, has excellent paper handling, and print good pages.

But its main strength lies in its connectivity and print output. If you appreciate or need these two things in your printer, the HL L8350CDW is an excellent buy. But if you don’t, you can stick with your HL-8250CDN instead and call it a day.

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Phew. That’s everything we can say for today’s article on the HL L8350CDW review. We hope you find this review useful, and if you do, make sure to share it with your friends. We’ll see you next time.

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