Brother DS 620 Driver Mac Download And Troubleshoot

Brother has been one of the staples in printing and copy works due to their reliability and cheap price. This is one of the reasons that make the DS 620 a very popular scanner in the world. It’s mobile, it’s cheap, and it works. But before using it, we have some things to contend to and that is the Brother DS 620 driver Mac.

Unlike their printers, there aren’t any AirPrint-like features available for these dedicated scanners, resulting in questions such as where to get Brother DS 620 Driver Mac to appears frequently.

Understanding your MacOS Version

Before we get into the downloading part for Brother DS 620 driver Mac, we have to be sure what version of MacOS that we’re running right now. To do this, simply click the Apple logo at the top-right corner of your screen and choose “About This Mac.”

Downloading the Driver

Now that we know what version our MacOS we’re running currently, go to:

Download Driver for Mac

And choose Mac as the OS Family and whatever version you get from the first step as the second option. You will then be taken a page with which the Brother DS 620 driver Mac is available to download.

Click the item’s title that you want to download, read the EULA presented on the screen, then download the file.

After you’ve successfully downloaded the file, Brother to redirect you to one of their pages that details the steps to install the driver itself.

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If you ran into troubles while or after installing the driver such as the scanner not working properly, go to this page

[How To Solve] Scanner Not Working

And look for the FAQs that match your case the best. Brother have a lot of FAQs listed there so chances are you will find the solution to your problem right now.

But in case you don’t find it there at all, you can get their DS620 complete manual on

Read Manual Book Brother DS620

They have all sorts of different manuals. Starting from User’s Guides, Setup Guides, and other features guide. With these two resources above in mind, you will surely be able to install the driver without any problem whatsoever and even if you happen to run into some, these pages will help you troubleshoot them.


While it may seem complicated at first, installing and getting Brother DS 620 driver Mac is actually quite easy. The only tricky part when installing and downloading drivers is where you’re not sure where to get it from.

But hopefully with this article, we’ve cleared all problems in your mind as to how you can get Brother DS 620 driver mac without the worry of accidentally downloading a virus or malware that can brick your precious Mac.


Anyway, that’s everything we can say for today on this article on helping you get your Brother DS 620 all set up with its driver. Thank you for reading this article. If you find it useful, please feel free to share it with your friends because hey, downloading viruses on the internet is a real concern to have especially in these days and age.

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Thank you for reading this far, and we’ll see you again in another article.

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