Looking to Make Money Quick and Fast? Try These Apps to Earn Money

As of right now, we have been incredibly blessed with something as powerful and useful as the Internet at our fingertips. You can do everything with it.

Apps for games, entertainment, music, and productivity you can find on your smartphone, and of course, apps to earn money also exists in this world we’ve known as the Internet.

In these days and age, you can earn money just from clearing out surveys or cashback apps, and in today’s article, we will be talking about the best apps to earn money for those categories above.

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Survey Apps to Earn Money

Survey Apps to Earn Money

1. Swagbucks

One of the most popular apps to earn money in the survey category is of course none other than Swagbucks.

The app has paid for more than 20 million of its users, and according to the site itself, it gives out 7,000 gift cards every day to its members.

Surveys in Swagbucks could pay up to $50, however, Swagbucks said that finding quick and easy survey that only takes five minutes to complete is way more efficient for its user considering each can pay an average of $1.50.

A motivated and dedicated member of Swagbucks can expect to earn up to $100 a month just from filling out surveys regularly.

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This of course is a great news for anyone looking for apps to earn money at home, and is of course the reason it ranks number one for survey apps category.

2. InboxDollars

If you’re looking for apps to earn money that not only have you fills out surveys for them, InboxDollars might be the app you’re looking for.

It’s been in operation since 2009, and have paid its for more than $59 million as a reward for completing their survey, so you can be assured that they’re a legitimate earning platform and not a fraud.

But going back to what we said earlier,

InboxDollars doesn’t only offer surveys as a way to earn money, it will also sometimes net you an opportunity to try new products and participate in focus groups if you wanted to.

Inbox Dollars also include additional rewards such as online shops cashback voucher, free samples, discounts for its affiliates, as well as coupon codes.

3. Branded Surveys

Looking for some simple apps to earn money? Well, Branded Surveys have got that covered for you.

Branded Surveys is a research community that pays its users gift cards or cash for their opinions. You will need set up an account, which only takes a minute or so, answer some questions to make sure that the surveys offered up to you makes sense and aligns with your interest, and then you start earning points.

Once you accumulate 1,000 points, you can decide what to do with those points to either:

  • Cash out via Paypal.
  • Cash out via your Branded Surveys account, or
  • Convert your points for gift cards for popular retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.
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It’s as simple as that. No strings attached, just give an opinion, and gets rewarded for it, making it some of the best apps to earn money in general.

Cash-back Apps to Earn Money

Cash-back Apps to Earn Money

1. MyPoints

If you’re not in dire need of money, or you just don’t want to fill out tons and tons of surveys, there’s still an alternative for you in the form of cashback apps to earn money. And one of the best,

or perhaps the best-in-class for it is MyPoints.

Members of MyPoints can earn up to 40% cashbacks on their purchases.

This becomes even better when you’re a member who hit its consecutive daily goals since it lets you earn bonus points for the platform starting from 10 points for shopping five days in a row,

and up to 200 points for shopping 21 days straight.

It’s a tough requirement to fulfill, but if you’re the person who spends a lot of money to shop, you’ll find yourself saving more than you could’ve ever imagined, you might even earn more money than what you spend, too.

And that’s not mentioning the free $10 Amazon/Visa gift card that you get just by joining the program.

All in all, MyPoints is one of the best apps to earn money when it comes to cashbacks apps.

2. Capital One Shopping

While this one is a little bit weird compared to the first apps to earn money above, Capital One Shopping is still a valid app to use when you want to save money from shopping, as well as earning a little bit through it.

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This is because it updates its products with real-time coupons, so the prices of your purchase might be cheaper than you expected.

Its universal search will also show you the lowest price of an item among its competitors. It also lets you know when price drops for a big-ticket item happens, too.

And, since it’s a part of Capital One’s shopping division, you can get multitudes cashback if you use it to shop stores such as JCPenney, Office Depot, or others.

3. Earny

Last but not list for the apps to earn money through cashback is Earny. Through shopping online with Earny, you can earn up to 20% cashbacks for your purchases.

It has partnered with more than 4,500 well known brands in the world such as StubHub, Best Buy, Groupon, etc. so you can make sure that it will cover whatever brand you wanted to shop on.

Earny also provides its users with other convenience features such as daily price change monitoring, price protection for when the price drops, or even an inconvenience fee if your package was delivered late by Amazon Logistics.

And that’s all for today’s article about the best apps to earn money at home.

What do you think of these apps to earn money?

Is it what you’re looking for?

Or perhaps you’re looking for other ways to earn money from platforms such as Amazon?

Well, fret not my friend, because our article on How to Make Money on Amazon got you covered for that.

That’s all from us for now, thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!

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