Best A3 Multifunction Printer Comparison: MFC-J5330DW versus OKI C844DNW

We’ve covered a lot of topics in the A3 printer market already, but what we haven’t done surprisingly is the A3 multifunction printer comparison. Though there aren’t that many to choose from, shopping for an a3 MFP is still confusing, so we hope we can help you out with that with today’s article.

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First things first for this A3 multifunction printer comparison, let’s start with the design department. Brother’s MFC-J5330DW is about as big as most A3 MFPs in the market. It’s not that big by A3 standard, but it’s definitely not as small as the OKI C844DNW.

Meanwhile, the OKI C844DNW is indeed one of the smallest A3 MFPs available out there in the market, its footprint is so small that it’s a wonder that it’s actually an A3 MFP.

So, in that department, OKI win in terms of size and footprint. Durability wise, both are sturdy and will last years for use, so you can’t go wrong with either of them.


Now here comes the part where Brother MFC-J5330DW falls apart against OKI. It’s not printing out bad pages by any means, it is good and acceptable, but when you compare them side-by-side with the OKI C844DNW, it will of course fall short.

The OKI C844DNW produces much better pages, both scan and print wise. There’s not much to say about this as it prints very good pages and does it decently fast too, beating out the OKI C844DNW by a mile and a half.

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Ink Economy

Being an inkjet printer, the MFC-J5330DW has somewhat of an advantage against OKI C844DNW on the ink economy department in this A3 multifunction printer comparison.

It is still expensive when compared to supertank printers, of course, but it’s not that bad. Not bad enough to almost cost you the whole printer itself, in fact.

OKI meanwhile is absolutely terrible at ink economy. A set of its cartridges would cost you at $1,390 give or take. They do have a large amount of pages yield at 10,000 pages for this set, but we can’t say in good conscience that it’s winning in terms of ink economy.

Features and Speed

Moving on to the next part of this A3 multifunction printer comparison, let’s talk about their features and printing speed.

As expected from MFPs, both of these things have a lot of features that’s aimed to make your printing jobs easier. They both do have WiFi, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and a companion app that you can use to check on your printer or do printing on the go.

So, all in all, the two are pretty much the same. Both have duplex printing, but only OKI has NFC connectivity, so just look out for that if you use NFC often.

Print speed wise, OKI wins by a small margin, scoring at 33ppm compared to Brother’s 22ppm.

The Verdict

A3 multifunction printer comparison

And finally, here comes the verdict for this A3 multifunction printer comparison.

The OKI C844DNW is indeed the complete package that you’d want out of an A3 MFP. It’s small, it’s fast, has good color, but it’s one glaring flaw makes it hard to recommend to most people. It is hilariously expensive, both initial cost wise, and running cost wise.

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So, we’d recommend you to just stick with the Brother MFC-J5330DW instead unless you really see something you want in OKI C844DNW.

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