A Guide on How to use HP’s ePrint on iPhone

On-the-go printing have definitely been less of a hassle to do in these days and age thanks to the advances in printing technology over the years. As of right now, this convenience is widely accessible in the form of HP’s ePrint service which in today article we’ll be going over how to ePrint from iPhone.

Give Your Printer an Email Address

The first step on how to ePrint from iPhone is to give your HP printer an email address as HP uses email as a way to let the printer know what to print.

There are two ways to do this for touchscreen-based printers and text-based display printers.

For touchscreen, touch on the “HP ePrint” button then “Setup” to find your printer’s email address.

For text-based display, navigate to “Web Services Setup”, or “Network Setup”, or “Wireless Setting” and follow the instructions laid out there.

Using ePrint from iPhone

Now that you finally have your printer’s email address, here come the part where we explain how to ePrint from iPhone.

HP’s ePrint is essentially just us sending an email to our printer’s email address, after which, the printer will print the document we had just sent.

There are some caveats for this convenience though. For example, we can’t print OpenOffice documents with ePrint, the print will also print out the email’s body if we don’t leave it empty, the maximum size of printing is ten at once for one printing job, and the size of the file must be less than 10MB.

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Some of these limitations exists because HP uses email as their foundation.

Anyway, here’s how you can use ePrint from iPhone

Open your favorite Email App. You can use Gmail or any other email app you’re using. Next, compose an email to the print’s email address you had just gotten earlier. Next fill in the subject as to what you’re going to be printing, and then choose the file you want to be printed in the form as an attachment.

Most of the times, that’s the only thing you need to do on how to ePrint from iPhone. If you want to print different kinds of file like an email for example, the step will be slightly different.

But thankfully, it’s much easier than printing documents or image.

To do it, just select the email you want to be printed and forward it to your printer’s email address and that’s it.

It’s as easy as that.


HP ePrint is definitely a useful feature to have if you’re on the go, unfortunately, HP doesn’t do a really good job on explaining this feature to their customers which lead to poor experience for both parties. Hopefully, this article of ours on how to ePrint from iPhone can help people print with HP’s ePrint feature easier.

All that being said, that’s everything we can say on this article on how to ePrint from iPhone. We hope you found it useful, and we’ll see you in another article on printing guides, review, tips and tricks, and many, many more.

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See you later.

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